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Thread: A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team! (760)

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    I was disappointed to see a Buizel and Corphish that didn't belong to Ash. Other than that this was an okay episode.
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    In this episode, tag team duo Sorren and Rocko challenged Ash & friends to a tag battle, but their appearace was annoying. Iris's reaction to their attitude was priceless, I guess she was annoyed by the Tag team duo as well.
    Ash dexing Corfish and Buizel was stupid.....I mean C'mon, it's fine if you're dexing a Pokemon you've seen a long time ago....but dexing Pokémon he already owns? That's just ridiculous.
    I did like the battle between Team Sorren and Team Ash, but Sorren and Rocko's constant chanting annoyed me. I'm glad Ash and Cilan won the tag battle at the end, it was satisfying.
    I liked Cilan in this episode, his 'fishing connoisseur' moments were funny.
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    While it was neat to see those two kids combine two moves like in a contest (almost), having to say the same thing over and over again before executing the combination got tiresome to hear after a while.

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