I am currently trying to get a shiny Groudon with my Pokemon Emerald, however hard i try i cannot hit my Brave shiny frame with my Brave Natu in slot one of my party (w/ Synchronize). The frame is about 8 minutes in, and I've tried about 20 time, but it never takes the Brave nature. Can method 1 Pokemon be Synchronized with? Or am I just bad at timing it?

On my Sapphire I am trying to manipulate SID/TID for an early shiny frame for a shiny Treecko. I am unsure how to use "Pandora's box" and how to do this in general...

Also can the grayed out natures be Synchronized over in gen III?

(not to picky about stats, just shininess)

I've read over the Smogon threads multiple times, and I'm using RNG reporter, as a side note.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.