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    This is my first Pokemon TCG Deck. If anyone does a Deck anylasis THANK YOU!! XD
    Raquazrom Deck

    Mewtwo EX Dragons Exalted Promo X1
    Raquaza EX Dragons Exalted Promo X1
    Zekrom EX Next Destinies Promo X1
    Raichu 40/99 Next Destinies X1
    Persian 81/99 Next Destinies X1
    Growlithe 11/99 Next Destinies X1
    Zebstrika 42/114 Black and White X1
    Emolga 37/101Noble Victories X1
    Pikachu 39/99 Next Destinies X1
    Staryu 23/99 Next Destinies X1
    Starmie 24/99 Next Destinies X1
    Tympole 34/124 Dragons Exalted X1
    Blitzle 47/99 Next Destinies X1
    Palpitoad 35/124 Dragons Exalted X1
    Seismitoad 36/124 Dragons Exalted X1
    Larvesta 20/101 Noble Victories X1
    Volcaorna 21/101 Noble Victories X1
    Meowth 80/99 Next Destinies X1
    Garchomp 91/124 Dragons Exalted X1
    Gabite 89/124 Dragons Exalted X1
    Gible 87/124 Dragons Exalted X1
    Reshriam 21/99 Next Destinies X1
    Fire Energy X6
    Electric Energy X6
    Water Energy X7
    Blend Energy Electric,Iron,Fighting,Water X1
    Blend Energy Psychic,Grass,Fire,Dark X1
    Energy Retrieval X2
    Energy Search X2
    Pokemon Communication X2
    Potion X2
    Skyarrow Bridge X1
    Level Ball X1
    Professor Juniper X2
    Cheren X1
    Giant Cape X1
    Rescue Scarf X1
    Cilan X1
    Max Potion X1
    Full Heal X1

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    Here comes the blood.

    1) 21 pokemon. Twenty. One. You could almost have a full play area 4 times. That's much too high.

    2) I've counted 7 types, and I might be wrong. It's like your deck threw up a rainbow. Please please PLEASE Narrow it down to like, 3 types MAX

    3) All the pokemon you DO choose to use only have 1 line/single of anything. So theres no purpose. You need to take a good hard look at your pokemon and decide what has synergy, and what is there just for kicks

    4) 21 energy. Bad. And of 5 different kinds. Since this isn't a Ho-oh EX deck, that's bad. there's no way you can get the proper energy to even set up properly

    I'd love to seriously analyze it, and give suggestions but I see little to anything to work with. I'm not against rogue deck ideas, this just has no start and no end.

    Think of a purpose, narrow down your pokemon/energy, add more trainers/supporters. And then I will gladly give you some tips Qwaa

    EDIT: I just realized this is in the wrong place. Should be in RMD Sub-Forum...Woopsiedoodles.
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    Created by PPL Qwaa

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