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    Default House of Foreigners (Rated PG-13)

    [Note: This story is a horror/Hetalia fan fiction. The names of the foreigners as well as their designs, are based on Hetalia.]

    House of Foreigners

    Never, ever, EVER go into the House of Foreigners like Nagisa did. There have been strange words on this house...some that it was haunted, some that it was home to a bloodthirsty murderer, and some that the door was just the gateway to Hell. Nobody knows which one is true, though. Wanna know why? Because those who went in never came out to tell the story.

    It was another day in Octobor with the wonderful breeze and smell of pumpkins in the air. Nagisa LOVED it, and was always excited on the last day of September. She grabbed her backpack, combed her hair, and walked to school.

    First period, Nagisa had language arts. The room was far from the school's entrance, but she somehow always managed to rush in before the bell. "I'm here, guys!" announced Nagisa.

    The teacher, Ms. Jones, stood up and grabbed a book from her desk. "Well, we all know Halloween is at the end of the month," Ms. Jones beamed, "So today, we'll read about the House of Foreigners."

    Nagisa looked at her in disbelief. "House of Foreigners"? Really? How are foreigners scary? She chuckled as she imagined a Korean exchange student trying to murder his classmates. "House of Foreigners," Nagisa muttered, chuckling, "What a phony story."

    Ms. Jones told a strange tale of a pair of twin Italian cannibals, a Japanese zombie, and all this other crazy stuff. The rest of the class was spooked, but Nagisa rolled her eyes. She knew there was no way all that junk was true. And if it was, she'd be able to survive all of that. How hard could that possibly be?

    "I know you'll never believe me, but the House of Foreigners is actually real!" Ms. Jones exclaimed. "If any of you are interested, I'll give you the address!"

    What a bad teacher. Why would she let her students go to a cursed, or haunted, or whatever house? It's probably a scam put on by the school's staff. That's it. Nagisa thought she'd go because she wanted to see how cheesy it was. "Okay, Ms. Jones. I want to see the House of Foreigners."

    The bell rang, and Nagisa skipped off to second period. Of course, none of you want to hear all of that. You want to know about the House of Foreigners!

    After school, Nagisa dropped off her things, and went to the address written on the paper Ms. Jones gave her. "This seems to be the place..." she said to herself.

    Nagisa was the only one who decided to go. As soon as she stepped once more, the world turned blank. Blank. Nothing was in sight. She wandered around, and ran down a hall of nothingness. She made a stop, and encountered another person. "Ciao..." he said.

    Nagisa dropped the paper in her sweaty hands. "IT'S ONE OF THE ITALIAN CANNIBALS!" she shrieked.

    He gave a direct look at Nagisa and let out a scream that could also be considered a squeal. "Don't cry, Feliciano..." said a distant echoed voice.

    Feliciano gave a slight grin. He was actually kind of cute, the only thing setting him apart from being a normal person being his bloodshot eyes and jagged teeth. There was a mixture of blood and saliva dripping from his mouth.

    Feliciano chased the voice, and Nagisa followed. When they caught up to the voice, the nothingness slowly changed into the front yard of the House of Foreigners. "No, Feliciano. Don't cry, now." said the other Italian cannibal.

    "Lovino!" Feliciano shouted happily, giving him a hug.

    They bit eachother on the shoulder during the hug.

    Unlike his adorable little brother Feliciano, Lovino was disgustingly hideous. He shared the brown hair and the little curl in it, but Lovino...was just....ugh. His right bottom eyelid twitched and covered his bloodshot eye, and his fancy shirt and pants were all torn up. He didn't have pointed teeth like Feliciano, but he did have teeth missing. "You want pasta, don't you, Feliciano?" cood Lovino.

    "Yeah!" Feliciano shouted.

    "I'll get the sauce."


    Lovino pulled out a jar labeled "SANGUE". It didn't look like any normal pasta sauce, that's for sure. He poured the "sangue" on a plate of pasta. Feliciano grinned while eating this plate of spaghetti, which Nagisa thought he was overreacting to this, compared to a normal reaction. "Yaaaay! Pastaaaa!" Feliciano beamed, giggling.

    There had to be something weird in that "sangue" sauce.

    After they finished their meal, the brothers starting walking towards Nagisa. "Wanna see how the sangue is made?!" asked Lovino, his eyelid twitching faster than usual.

    "Show her how the sangue is made!" cried Feliciano, happily.

    Nagisa knew she probably didn't want to know how the sangue was made.

    "Metti il sangue nel vaso, quando il gioco č fatto!" Feliciano told Lovino with a grin. If you're brave enough to pull up a translator for that, I envy you.

    Nagisa looked behind her. The House of Foreigners....should she go, or leave? Considering how much the guys in the front yard creeped her out, you'd think she'd just turn back. Every other girl would've, but not Nagisa. She opened the creaky door, and stepped in. The door shut and locked on its own. Now Nagisa knew for sure there was no turning back.

    She entered a bedroom. The bed was comfy-looking. It was a king-size, with a huge comforter with matching pillows. As Nagisa almost fell asleep on it, she heard a drone-sounding voice. "Heeyyyy...that's my bed. Get off."

    Nagisa's eyes opened in a rapid speed. "Who are you? What do you WANT?!" she cried.

    A katana hovered over Nagisa's neck. "It's meeeee....Kiiiikuuu......get out of my beeeddddd......"

    Kiku licked his lips drenched in blood. He carried two bloody katanas in his hands, wearing his bloodstained clothes. He had a hidden tattoo under his pants that read as "血", and he lost one foot. Many say he used to be a samurai, but rised from the undead. Now, he remains as a blue-skinned zombie with one eye, and a scar over his eye socket.

    Nagisa tried to run from Kiku as fast as she possibly could. Kiku shoved one katana in his empty eye socket. He pulled it out, and licked the bloody blade like a popsicle. Nagisa seriously knew she had to get out of this place. She took a risk by reaching for one katana. Kiku didn't seem to notice, and kept running.

    Nagisa focused, and sliced off Kiku's head. Considering Kiku is dead to begin with, it didn't kill him, just slow him down. As he bent down to get his head, Nagisa made an escape.

    The sound of groaning echoed in the halls. Great, what kind of thing was going to jump at her next? Then, she started to hear things. "Richtigkeit, Blut, Glück...Richtigkeit, Blut, Glück...Richtigkeit, Blut, Glück..."

    Woo-hoo. It was something speaking German. That's definately not a good sign. Nagisa was worried about this all along. She knew she absolutely had to leave. But she couldn't. The door was locked. The German creature lunged at Nagisa and smiled a "glad-to-see-you" smile.

    "Ludwig is hungry...." it groaned.

    Ludwig was demonic, and everyone knew it. Ever since he was still ALIVE, he was. We just believed it more when he sprouted horns. His blue skin shines in any light besides electric, because he loves fire. Fire is like his BROTHER. His second brother, that is. His first brother's name is Gilbert. Not a very intimidating name, no, but you should SEE him.

    Nagisa did not want to look Ludwig in the eyes. There was something....Nazi-ish about him, a few things, actually. Ludwig shot a look at Nagisa. "I....WANT....FOOD...."

    Nagisa glared at him. "Isn't that...a piece you hand?" she asked softly.

    Ludwig nodded. "Ja. Sausage it is, but the blood it's drenched in kinda ruins it..." he said, in a grumbly voice.

    Nagisa looked at him in fear. Ludwig was not the guy you'd like to hang out with. I guess you would've knew that already, considering he's a demon. A bloody piece of sausage? Ludwig here has some weird hobbies, if he has any. He glared at Nagisa, and said "I hope the Führer will find our house. And when the Führer comes to play in this house, we can set up a fun little playdate with tea. And beer. And especially guns. You can't tell me there aren't any guns."

    Okay, now Nagisa was sure. She didn't want to have a tea party with a former Nazi that went to Hell. Who would, anyway? Ludwig grinned and whispered a little something to the opposite direction. There was someone else there...Nagisa knew because she heard something reply to Ludwig.

    "Heheheheh. That would be fun, nein?"

    Oh no. What would be fun? Something involving blood being shed. The other three guys she met earlier all loved blood, especially that Kiku guy.

    The thing that mentioned the "fun" jumped out of the shadows. He had cuts all over his body, mostly his face. A bird stood on the top of his head. Nagisa realized it was Gilbert. The good news is Gilbert isn't as horrific as she thought.

    Gilbert was holding a Prussian flag is his hand, and looked at it as he waved it. This guy must be undead, too, considering he is Prussian. He didn't look like a demon, in fact, he looked almost normal. Note that I said ALMOST. If you knew what he looked like, you'd understand.

    "Gilbert? Gilbert....I wanna see!" whined Ludwig.

    They traded the sausage and flag.

    Nagisa figured this was some sort of ritual. Flags and foods. She didn't know where this was going. "Ummm....Ludwig....what is this about?" she asked.

    Ludwig smiled. "Every day we have a memorial for the Führer and remember all of the things he did for us. He was a nice man."

    No, he wasn't.

    Ludwig and Gilbert were having a heck of a time marching around holding their objects. Nagisa was disgusted. "And do you know what we do last?" asked Ludwig.

    Nagisa didn't want to know what they did last, but Ludwig answered anyway. "We salute, and then.....we do what the Führer would ask us to. Kill the houseguest, if there is one."

    Of course. Why didn't she guess it herself? It was so obvious. Nagisa wanted to facepalm at herself, but there was no time. She had to go. Ludwig and Gilbert chased her. "It's for a good caaauuuse...." they moaned together.

    Nagisa was so horrified that she bashed the door and it formed a hole. She was confused in the hallway, so she ran in a random room and locked the door.

    The room was painted light blue. It had a huge USA flag on one wall. Something came out of the closet. "I miss my wife. I have no life. No matter what they say, the world is black and white.”

    He had a ripped up bomber jacket and a tie on, along with cracked glasses. He wasn’t too horrid. Nagisa looked around at his room. It seemed normal, what was so bad about this guy? He was just a little depressed. Nagisa thought he just needed a hug. "What's....your name?" she asked.

    "My name is Alfred," he replied, "Alfred F. Jones. I was a part of the U.S. Air Force, but I was eventually killed. When I died, I was forgotten by my wife. I try to give her signs, but she never gets the picture. That's why I want to demolish everything and everyone, until my wife remembers who I am, or more fitting, who I was."

    Sweet. Brutal, but sweet. "Alfred, I can help you with this problem." Nagisa told him sweetly.

    Alfred chuckled. "You must not get the picture I gave to YOU..." he said with a grin.

    "The picture?"

    Alfred nodded. "Yes, the picture. Since you happened to come into my room, I will have to dispose of you properly."

    Nagisa knew this wasn't going to be a "proper disposal", and as she was going to head for the door, she realized she locked the door after running from Mr. Nazi Demon. Alfred pulled out his chainsaw, and his maniacal laugh was somewhat tuned out by the rumbling of the blade. Nagisa tried to run around in circles to try to spare some time in her life.

    Alfred was almost too quick, and the blade brushed up against Nagisa's arm, leaving a horribly bleeding wound. She knew it was way less than could've happened, so she continued her orbit around the room. A small coin sparkled on the floor, and on the approximately 700th time Nagisa saw it on the floor, she had an idea. The coin twisted with the doorknob lock. Keys are overrated, pennies are the key to the future.

    Nagisa locked that door, and took the penny with her. If you wanna try not to get killed in a house full of foreign undead men, you need smarts. Nagisa knew if she left the penny, Alfred would just take it and unlock the door.

    There's gonna always be one thing after the other. That's why two strange figures emerged.

    "Time for tea..." whispered one.

    "And too..." whispered another.

    Tea and wine. England and France. Nagisa knew how predictable it was that the wine was probably going to be red. The British guy limped out of the shadows.

    "Oh, would you like some scones, darling?" he asked, with a horrid grin.

    Nagisa did not want scones. She looked at the two. They looked so beat up, Nagisa didn't even want to know what they did. She managed to slip out an answer. " you, sir."

    The British thing snorted. "Suit yourself," he muttered, "Francis, let's go."

    Francis nodded. "Right behind you, Arthur."

    That wasn't so bad.

    Nagisa walked around, and heard the song "Korobeiniki" playing somewhere. Russia. Nagisa's curiousity led to her following the catchy tune. She put her ear up against a door. Bingo. Creeeaaak....a squeaky door made a loud noise as it was slowly opened.

    The room's owner turned around and grinned. "So it works..." he whispered to himself. He grabbed one end of his scarf, and rubbed it.

    Nagisa took a small step back. "Who...are you?" she whispered, just loud enough for him to hear.

    " Ivan," he replied, "Ivan Braginski."


    Like Ivan the Terrible.

    "I lived in here longer than most others," Ivan continued. "Me and Yao...we were communists. But Yao got lonely. Look out for him, he's been...a creeper lately."

    Nagisa liked Ivan. He looked scary, but he was quite friendly. "But..." Ivan began.


    "You should watch out for what tricks I have up MY sleeve."

    It was that moment Nagisa decided she didn't like Ivan anymore. Ivan grinned and cradled his bloody water pipe (that was hidden while him and Nagisa were talking) like it was a baby. "You are my friend, little one," he cood. "You are my little water pipe. Do your thing."

    Ivan swung his pipe around. "I love you, Nagisa."

    Nagisa tried to recall when she told Ivan her name.

    Ivan pulled back and swung like the pipe was a baseball bat. Nagisa lost all consciousness.

    Nagisa woke up, and Ivan was gone. She began to walk more, and thanked God she didn't get killed in her sleep. "Ramen..." moaned a seemingly distant voice. Nagisa turned around, and shrieked. A person, what its gender was, Nagisa couldn't tell, was right behind her for God knows how long.

    After that traumatic experience, Nagisa thought back to what Ivan said. "Me and Yao...we were communists. But Yao got lonely. Look out for him, he's been...a creeper lately."

    At least now Nagisa knew its gender.

    Nagisa knew Yao was a Chinese name. What could the Chinese guy do? Show unintended inettiquecy by slurping his soup? Yao had a shirt with a dead yin-yang on it. "Irony..." Nagisa told herself, with a slight chuckle.

    While Nagisa strolled around, Yao wasn't far behind. "We should hang out some time..." he moaned.

    Nagisa thought on the first "play date" with Yao, one of them would die. She made a run for it, and stumbled in an empty dark room. Relieved, Nagisa turned on the light.

    "Ni-hao..." whispered Yao, who was right under the lamp.

    Some footsteps were heard from outside the room. Yao ran up to the door, seeming rather excited.

    The door opened by a person who looked somewhat like Yao. "Are you home, Wang Yao?" he asked.

    Yao's face lit up. "Im Yong Soo!" he said, happily.

    Im Yong Soo? What kind of name was that? It's Asian, for sure. But from which country?

    Soo seemed confused. "Yao? You died? I thought you were immortal!"

    Yao shrugged. "I guess I was wrong."

    Nagisa tried not to laugh.

    Soo rolled his eyes. "Yao, Yao,'re so silly."

    "Says the guy from South Korea! Oppa Gangnam Style!"

    "Oh, shut up."

    Nagisa liked these guys, too. They were funny. But she knew in a bit, they'd go evil on her, like Ivan did.

    Nagisa didn't want to see what these guys will do to her. After all, they were freaking creepy. As she began to run, she saw Yao and Soo turn around and look at her. Predictable.

    "Don't leeaaave, Nagiiiisaaa..."

    As if Nagisa'd listen to those Asian creepers. She ran through multiple halls, and stumbled into a closet. Cli-click. There was a lamp in there, too. Expecting to see Yao, Nagisa ducked. He wasn't there, but a boy that looked about Nagisa's age was where she expected to see Soo or Yao. "Wh-who are you?" Nagisa mumbled.

    "My name is Matthew. I'm just like you, trying to hide from the scary Foreigners. Everyone always looks away, they expect the Chinese guy..."

    Matthew sighed, and looked down.

    Nagisa was sure he was a real person. Matt didn't look too strange. Either he really WAS another "houseguest", or he was just being a trickster and waiting for the time to kill.

    Nagisa scanned Matthew for suspicion. A little hair that stuck out, a cute grin, lumpy socks, a red hoodie that said "I Heart Canada". Nothing too unusual. However, Nagisa thought she'd keep her guard up. To her, Canadian was still foreign.

    "There's someone else with me, too," Matthew whispered. "This is my pet polar bear, Kumajiro."

    Matthew held up a polar bear cub's head.

    Nagisa shuddered. "Why did you do that to your bear?" she asked.

    Matthew grinned. "Well, I take my sharp thing," he said as he showed Nagisa the knife hidden in his sock, "And I poke the necks of stuff to see the red liquid come out. It amuses me to see the sick looks on their faces when it gushes out. Hehe!"

    And right when Nagisa thought it could be the remains of an old teddy bear.

    Matthew's adorable grin streched across his face. "Is YOUR red liquid shiny?" he asked.

    Nagisa didn't even dare to answer him. She dashed out of that closet, and was stunned when she saw Feliciano at the door, smiling. When she looked a little better, Nagisa realized EVERYONE was there. She made a run for it.

    Everyone screamed incomprehencable things during the chase, including Nagisa.

    Eventually, Nagisa made one wrong turn, and she was caught at a dead end.

    Nobody is quite sure what happened afterward. It was not a pretty ending, I'm telling you that. Let's just say Nagisa stayed with the Foreigners at that house in a deep rest.

    The tardy bell rang, and every student except Nagisa was there for Ms. Jones's class. She had a new addition to her room-a painting that had an inscription in steel at the bottom. "My First Husband, Alfred. Rest In Peace."

    "So everyone's here except Nagisa?" asked Ms. Jones, who was taking attendance.

    The class nodded.

    "I hope she's okay," Ms. Jones said. "She's been gone for two days now."

    The students just didn't know that Nagisa would be counted absent for the rest of their lifetimes.
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    Okay, this is about one of the creepiest things that I have ever seen, honestly, little bit of criticism,

    I've never heard of an "I ♥ Canada" shirt, but many tourists buy things like for example, if you went to Montreal, you would buy a Canadiens Jersey as a souvenir. *I did spell that Canadiens right*
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    Well, I read on request, but that was one hell of a read. I enjoyed every last word of the brutality you've written. I was always a sucker for blood and gore, so yay~

    The writing style was slightly sloppy and difficult to comprehend at times, and some things confuzzled me maybebecauseInknownearlynothingofHetalia. But don't let it get to you, because the more you write, the better you get, my friend
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