Either you copied me, or we both have similar minds to think up of the same set

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Okay, let's see. I'll try my hand at this one.
Gengar, The Shadow Pokemon
Gengar is great! He has a great special attack and speed. He can take a light damage though, overall, he is frail. Shadow Clefable hasn't moved from his place in OU and for a good reason. He's good.

Evs:252 Sattk 252 Spd 4 HP
Item:Life orb/Black Sludge
Dream Eater/Mean Look

First off, that item. You could go for Black Sludge but, you've got a healing move. Life Orb can do more damage and Dream Eater keeps your HP from going too low.If you use Mean look go Black sludge, Life orb for Dream Eater. This set is revolves around sleep. Hyponosis sadly, to my knowledge, is Gengar's only sleeping move. 60 Accuracy is risky but, you can't have a sleep set without sleep. Once alseep, you can apply Nightmare for a nice DoT. Dream Eater or Mean Look. Once, you put your enemy to sleep, there's a good chance that they'll switch out. Mean Look stops that from happening. With Dream Eater however, you can do some nice damage, get some yummy healing and rest easy using life orb. Hex can do quite a bit of damage though, don't even think about using it while your enemy is awake.

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