Like many of the newbies here, I myself have been a long time reader (a few years, ~DP's release) and have failed to make a forum profile here. So why not?

As an intro, I will say that I am a competitive battler, though I have sadly lost my Pokemon Black version and my Gen 4 games' good Pokemon were all on it, so I sadly can't battle. However, I was known to use a possibly unorthodox team of Clefable, Shiftry, Ninetales, Arcanine, Honchkrow, and Azumarill.

My favourite Pokemon is Typhlosion, and my favourite Legendary is Suicune. My favourite types are Steel and Electric, since I'm a huge robot fan, if my siggy didn't give a slight tip to it!

I have a deviantART, and I like to do some sprite work, like the ones in my siggy.

I hope to get along with everyone and enjoy myself here! This community seems quite friendly, so I'm sure we'll all get along swimmingly~