Hey guys!
So, as you probably don't know I was the webmaster of Pokemon Beo in times past, I had planned to make an off shoot called Pokemon Meo. It was more for media concerned with Pokemon, aka, Music, Images, Games, etc. Not just information but also the actual stuff. For instance, if someone made a remix from Pokemon Red in MP3 format, that could go there. I was also toying around with the idea of hosting Episodes, but that has been nocked down, cause of that whole legality thing.
Anyway the site died with Pokemon Beo, but I kept the domain name.
And so anyway, I've brought new life into the project. I'm much more competent as a web designer and developer now than I was when the site first launched, but I still would like some critiquing to it. So here you go:
Tell me what you think, also if you report any problems do me a favour and tell me what browser you're using. Like so:
<quote>Hey I found a problem, the window won't resize...
I'm using Firefox on Windows 7</quote>
or something like that. (it helps a lot)
So thanks,