Okay, I am hoping there are some good programmers or people more familiar with uploading files than I am here.

I am working on installing an ibProArcade on my vBulletin forum. The first set of instructions can be found here....


My problem is this. How do I upload the folders he is referring to into my root directory? I am assuming the root directory is the same as the document root, or not? Also, is there any shorter way to upload an entire folder into a root directory than to upload every single little miniscule file inside a subfile inside a subfile ?

If it helps any, I am using the File Directory from the cPanel you get from your host.

Any help is appreciated!

P.S. I am hoping this belongs in the Webmasters and Websites forum and not Tech Help, I was not sure which one it would go under. If it's in the wrong forum, sorry Moderators.