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Name: Christopher Narimasa Harrison
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Stereo-type fit: Pervert

Personality: Chris at first appears to just be a typical nerd. He dislikes going outside, is a major gamer, and loves technology and drawing. Of course, those who get to know Chris better know that he is quite different tham most nerds, or people in general. First, he's bisexual, so in terms of girls or boys he goes either way. Second, he is not just a gamer, but also (somewhat of) a furry, as well as a brony. And lastly, what Chris draws isn't always exactly...safe for viewing. Meaning he draws pornography.

Outside of his odd hobbies, Chris is a surprisingly outgoing person (most of the time). His tendancy to crack jokes often means that he ends up being the class clown, so most of his teachers don't exactly like dealing with him. Chris tends to be open for new things (if his hobbies weren't any indication), and he loves to experiment, as long as it isn't really dangerous. Chris is a glass-half-full type of person, and always tries to think positively, even if he can occasionally be a little sarcastic and/or cynical.

In terms of social fears, Chris is pretty much fearless. If he tells you he doesn't care that you think he's a ****** for any of the multiple reasons someone would call him that, it's because he honestly doesn't. When it comes to actual danger though, Chris would rather let someone else handle it then risk getting himself hurt.

Other than what was already mentioned, Chris has a fascination with Western culture, especially with the American Old West. Having never gone to American himself, Chris dreams of one day visiting America and seeing all the biggest cities, especially New York City.

History: Chris' father is an Ex-US Army Captain who while stationed in Japan fell in love with Chris' mother Kitsuno. Rather than move back to America, Chris' father, who is named Jim Harrison, instead stayed in Japan and married Chris' mother, who had Chris shortly after. Although they gave Chris a name with European origin, his parents decided to give him a Japanese middle name since he WAS half-Japanese. Chris always stood out from his fellow classmates, so with the addition of him being an only child Chris didn't make a lot of friends, and instead would spend most of his time indoors drawing or playing the Nintendo 64.

Chris stayed this way for a couple of years, until he changed his attitude in Middle School. Finally growing tired of his isolation, Chris began to be more friendly and take more opportunities to talk to people. Although he made a couple of friends, his best friend was a boy of his age named Yoshi, whom shared many similer interests with Chris, such as gaming and drawing (although Yoshi's drawings are all fairly tame).

Chris has always been a fairly intelligent person, and when he fails it is usually because he didn't even try in the first place. When Chris and Yoshi got their letters (as they were both going to Fumizuki High School), they were confused when Yoshi was in Class B and Chris was in something called Class S, as they had very similar grades, both of which were B's (although Chris' was sightly higher). Chris was saddened that by the fact that he wouldn't get to be in the same class as Yoshi, but as he looked on the bright side, this Class S sounded like it was some sort of special opportunity, or at least Chris assumed.

Appearance: Chris for the most part looks like his father, although he inherited his raven black hair and emerald green eyes from his mother (his father is of Germanic descent, having blond hair and blue eyes). His hair is wavy and semi-long, going just far enough to touch his eyebrows. Chris stands at 5'9'', with a small but not overly small frame. He doesn't have much muscle, as he doesn't really exercise, but doesn't have a lot of fat either despite the fact that he like to eat, thanks to a high metabolisim. Chris has a fairly normal voice, but can make his voice extremely deep if he wants to, which actually gives him a good soprano singing voice.

As all students of Fumizuki High School do, Chris wears the school's academy attire when at school. Outside of school, Chris will almost always wear blue jeans unless he has a specific reason not to (like if it is Summer and he actaully has been compelled to exercise). His shirts will change from season to season, but in warmer weather he'll often wear button up shirts with a high collar, and in colder weather he'll wear either a hoodie or a winter coat that covers over his shirt.

(Example of his appearance: )

Literature- A
History- B
Math- B-
Arts- A+
P.E/Health- D
Technology- A
Foreign Language- Mandarin (Chinese)- C
Outdoors- F
Mythology & Occult- C+
Total: B

Avatar Appearance: Chris' avatar looks a lot like him, standing at 1'6''. His avatar has the ears and tail of a black Wolf. He wears a black cowboy hat on his head, that matches his hair and ears/tail. His shirt is brown with a brown leather vest over it, that is outlined by black leather. He wears brown linen pants with a brown leather belt with a shiny brass buckle on it. His shoes are brown cowboy boots with spurs on them.

His weapons are duel silver revolvers, which are named Ryu and Arashi (Japanese for Dragon and Storm, respectively). For the most part they looke like regular Colt .45 Revolvers except for the fact that each gun has inscribings etched on their barrels. Ryu has the inscribing of a dragon breathing fire on it's barrel, and Arashi has the inscribing of a storm cloud shooting a bolt of lightning on it's barrel. Both guns fire six shots and are accurate at close to medium ranges. They also have added elemental effects: Ryu's bullets light on fire after shooting out of the barrel, which allows it's bullets to light their targets on fire for added damage, while Arashi's bullets are electrically charged so they will stun anything they hit.

(Example of Chris' avatar: )

Other: Chris is bilingual, as he knows both Japanese and English thanks to his American father.

(Sorry if the Appearance is a bit short, I'm not good at describing different kinds of clothes >.<)
Well Mays, good good, but overall the Pervert should have bad subjects in what it wouldn't be suspected, and a A+ in P.E/Health, well, because of the Health Part.