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    Default Official Prehistory Club V2!

    I decided to remake this, as unfortunately the first one had to be closed.

    Welcome to the club! This is for lovers of all things prehistoric! From the Precambrian to the Quaternary, we've gotcha covered! Rules:

    1. This is a thread for discussing things pertaining to prehistoric life (i.e. Jurassic Park and how it conflicts with REAL dinosaurs) and, of course, the Fossil Pokemon. (Pokemon like and are OK too, 'cause they're at least partially based on dinos.) Jokes and stories are OK too. If you're not entirely sure about something, PM me first.

    2. No swearing.

    3. Absolutely no spam.

    4.If you go against the rules, you get a temporary ban. However, like in baseball, it's three strikes and you're out.

    5. Have fun!

    6. Always try to italicize the scientific names of animals (i.e. Tyrannosaurus rex or Kelenken). However, this rule won't be enforced as much.

    Owner: ga'hoolefan
    Members: LordLucario21, Dragontail, T-Bolt, Elysian, RusselW, Ib4
    Topics for Discussion:
    How do you think the JP movies could have been improved?
    If Walking with Dinosaurs was to be remade, what new things/environments would be included?
    What new Fossil Poke's have you made up/think will be made up?
    What's your favorite prehistoric organism?
    What do you think of the feathered dinosaurs that are being described, like Yutyrannus or cute little Microraptor?

    Join Form:
    [insert name here]
    Favorite Prehistoric Animal:

    EX: ga'hoolefan
    This is hard... I'm going to have to go with Microraptor. I also really love Rahonavis, Utahraptor, and Leptoceratops.
    Image Credit: Jurassic Park wiki
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    Favourite Pokémon: (etc)

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