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So then, any suggesitions how to get the Xtranciever medals? For some reason I can't even click on the minigames. >.<
You can only access the minigame via the Wireless option on the C-Gear. Yes, I know, it's stupid.

And iirc the minigame requires another player, which means another B2/W2 game being played.....near you. The minigame can only be played via local Wireless.

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W00t! I finally got 10 followers after 198 musicals!

...I'm never going back there again.

On another note, anyone know what to do get the regular customer medal?
Might as well make it 200

As for the "Regular Customer" medal, you just need to keep buying stuffs from the Pokemart.
I'm not sure about the details, though. The only thing I know is that one day I suddenly received it