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Thread: The "Official" UnOfficial Medal Guide (Incomplete)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilane View Post
    Looking for hints for the following:

    2. Passerby 1000
    3. Boxed Max
    4. Super Rich
    2. I'm farming this medal by using both DSes and my White/White 2 games. Don't need to go out and meet 1000 different people. Not entirely sure how it works, but it does, and you can make 1 other game count as 1000 as long as you save and turn the power off before tagging again.

    3. Fill up every single space in your PC with pokemon. Not eggs. I got this while MMing charmander.

    4. Apparently it doesn't matter where you spend the money. My total money spent has been creeping up from me raiding the antique shop in my Join Avenue every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilane View Post
    Oh that's some great ideas! I'm really trying to figure out a way to do this at the fall regional VGC's. I'm going to try to attend two of them to increase my odds (if I don't get them in the first set). I've already emailed the organizers, and if they aren't planning something, I hope they will let me organize them.
    Did you happen to get the 30+ person funfest medal? I want to organize something like this at the 2014 World Championships
    The medal rally isn't dead yet!!

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