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    Default Pikachu help?

    So, I have a shiny pikachu, rash nature, on my pearl version. I may transfer him over to my black and white, but for now I wish to keep him no my pearl version. So, I want to make him a raichu, and I'm not too good with making very good movesets or EV yeilds, so I'd like a couple comments on how to train him and a good richu moveset. Feel free to throw in some black and white updated movesets too. He was wild caught, so no volt tackle/surf/fly.

    Also note: PLEASE DO NOT suggest keeping him a pikachu. I do not want a pika I want a rai rai, so please keep all comments related to keeping him a pika w/light ball out of this.

    Thank You.

    EDIT: If anyone can as well, rate my shiny watchog and smeargle for the updated black and white 2 moves?

    Watchog@Bold nature
    ability is illuminate
    Evs in def and attack
    Hypnosis/hyper fang?
    Swords dance
    Seed Bomb
    Gunkshot/???? <-- suggestion?

    Smeargle (sorry currently don't remember his nature at the given time)
    ability is Technician
    No Evs yet, but I do want to EV attack and speed
    Extremespeed/Quick attack?
    Swords Dance
    Shadow Sneak
    Ice shard/Mach punch?

    Feel free to rate my babies
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