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Thread: Pokemon War part 1.

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    Default Pokemon War part 1.

    This is the Pokemon War soldiers! To enter,you must have one pokemon.
    The pokemon will help win this war!
    Sign up-
    War team:Red or Blue
    What abilities does it have:
    Hold item:

    Now,gather up a team of 20 pokemon! The war can start when both teams are prepared.
    I am General Red,so first post after this is General Blue.

    In this war,you will battle the other war team with your pokemon's moves,abilities,items,and teamwork!

    RULES: -Don't argue!
    -All Spff rules
    -If you get knocked out,you can only come back in if one of your teamates can heal.If the healer is out,healer can not heal.
    -No dropping f-bombs in THIS war
    -Have fun
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    Please read the RPG Rules before making a thread here. You must have a plot that's at least 400 words long to give the background and explain what RPers will be doing. It's to prevent both you and them from going in blind. Please make sure your next RPG follows all proper rules, and is posted in the correct forum next time.


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