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Thread: I really want rayquaza!!!!!!!

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    Default I really want rayquaza!!!!!!!

    hi, this is poke-awesome, I really want rayquaza and I have no way of getting him, I mean really, pokemon diamond is the oldest game I have, is there any alternatives to getting him in the game?

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    If HG and SS you can get him if you can get the Kyogre/Groudon from the opposing game to go with the Kyogre/Groudon depending if your version and get the jade Orb which allows you to get Rayquaza.

    Only games in Gen IV Rayquaza appears in. Does not appear in Pearl/Diamond or Platinum
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    There isn't one available in Diamond. There is in HG/SS though, maybe you can trade for it. Or you can transfer it with Pal Park from R/S/E.
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