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Thread: BWS2-20: League Part 2 [FIRST POST UPDATED 10/29]

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    Default BWS2-20: League Part 2 [FIRST POST UPDATED 10/29]


    Confirmed airdate - November 29, 2012.

    熱闘! ライバルバトルを勝ちぬけ!
    BWS2-20: Fierce Fighting! Win Out in the Rival Battle!
    Narration: The Unova League Higaki Tournament has finally begun! Ash's opponent is Trip!
    Trip: Ash! Show me how much stronger you've come!
    Ash: Let's go, Trip! Pikachu, Quick Attack!
    Trip: Dodge, Serperior!
    Iris: It dodged!
    Cilan: Its speed is even higher than Pikachu's!

    Trip: Serperior, Dragon Tail!
    Ash: Pikachu, don't give in and use Iron Tail!
    Ash: Pikachu!
    Ash: What can I do to win against Serperior's Dragon Tail...?
    Ash: That's right! If I use an Electric type move...!

    Trip: Serperior, use Dragon Tail again!
    Ash: Pikachu, combine Iron Tail and Electro Ball!
    Ash: You did it!
    Trip: Serperior!
    Trip: I lost today, but I won't lose next time!
    Ash: Yeah, let's both do our best!
    Narration: Ash's Unova League challenge continues on an on.
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