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    Default Unova League General Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

    Recnbtly was confirmed that the title of BWS2 19 is "The Unova League Higaki Topurnament gets Underway. Sushi decided one-month ago that the thread is only for the first episode of the league, meaning that the general league discussion needs to be moved to another thread.

    This thread is for General Discussion of the League, basically who will win, who will lose, discussion about possible evolutions in it, the rivals' interactions in it. Basically threads that is about more than one episode away.

    The other thread is about BWS2 19, and specualtion about will happen only in this episode.


    EDIT1: To look about older posts, I give a think to this page.
    Please only talk about this particular episode, not about the big battles that won't happen in this episode as a possible. the latter is posted here.

    EDIT2: Surprisingly, the league start in the first episode with Ash vs Trip directly. And we have two episodes for him already. Expect 3 vs 3+

    EDIT 3: It's highly unlikely a 1 vs 1 because the Ash vs Trip battle is in the first episodes. High possibilities of cliff-hanger between episodes.

    EDIT4: Stephan's Zebstrika and Kotetsu's Ferrothorn fighting a CotD because the two pokemon are on the right. Also, will be new information about it in Pokemon Smash.

    EDIT5: Pokemon Fan revealed. With this match-ups.

    Titles confirmed:
    BWS2 19: "The Unova league Higaki Tournament begins! Ash vs Trip!!!
    BWS2 20: "Fierce Fighting! Win through the rival battles!!!
    BWS2-21: "Axew gets lost".
    BWS2-22: Ash vs Stephan.
    BWS2-23: Ash vs Kotetsu I.
    Confirmed match-up:
    With Ash
    Ash vs Trip. Unknown round. (1/64). (1vs1) Asnd a scan says that Pikachu will win against Serperior.
    1/32: Ash vs CotL I
    1/16: Ash vs CotL II (Has a Darumakka)
    1/8: Ash vs Stephan (3vs3)
    1/4: Ash vs Kotetsu (6vs6)
    1/2: Ash vs Virgil (Unconfirmed)
    Without Ash
    1/32 : Kotetsu vs Bianca (at least 2vs2)
    1/8 (BWS2-21): Virgil vs Flora

    Unconfirmed but highly likely match-ups:
    1/4: Ash vs Virgil (6vs6)

    The scans show the rivals in the league and the order they fight Ash: (Was misleading)
    Rival 1: Trip
    Rival 2: Kotetsu
    Rival 3: Stephan
    Rival 4: Virgil

    Pokemon confirmed to battle by rivals:
    Trip:Serperior (only)
    Stephan: Sawk, Zebstrika,Liepard
    Kotetsu: Riolu (Lucario?), Samurott, Ferrothron, Hydreigon, Swanna
    Virgil: Vaporeon, Umbreon, Glaceon

    Other participants in the League:
    -Junior Cup: Marifuji (Heatmor), Hikozaru (Reuniclus), Rikio (Stoutland), Kenta (Golett)
    -Club Battle Dino (who Ash's Palpitoad one-shooted), Antonio (who fought with Dino). Emmanuel (Scolipede)
    -CLubsplosion: Flora (Gothorita)
    -Bw 57: Katharine (Gothita)
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