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Thread: Well Hello there!

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    Default Well Hello there!

    I'm new.. well sort.. Came on a few days ago. Anyway, Please call me Vanna. I'm a HUGE pokemon fan and have watch most of the movies and own/owned most of the games. Personally i like the old movies better than the new but, hey, that's my opinion. Well enough talking about me! So yeah, i would like to make a few new friends, so: Hi, its a pleasure to meet you ^.^

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    Welcome to Serebii, hope you have a great time, VM me if you need anything.
    Quote Originally Posted by Josef Stylin View Post
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    RIP Ash's dreams.
    Who cares about his dream, the only character that should be feeling crushed right now is the Furfrou guy. Dude put all of his faith in Ash.

    He looked like a male prostitute too, so he's probably crying his eyes out while standing around in shady street corners, which is bad for business because customers will be weirded out. Ash ruined his dreams and his job, what a terrible person.

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    Welcome to sppf!

    If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.


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