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    Default The How I Met Your Mother thread

    Hi guys! I'm not sure if this exists already, but if it does just close this.
    If you haven't watched season 8 or even season 7 and don't want any spoilers you should be careful here.

    So this is a thread to discuss and state our opinions on HIMYM!!! You can say everything, from favorite character to favorite episode, of coursea bit of explanation would be good. Are you enjoying season 8? Why did you start watching? Where do you watch it? Any favorite moments? Himym is possible one of the most famous tv shows and I'm surprised I didn't see it around here unless I missed it or it's somewhere else.

    Well, to start off with my opinions.
    My favorite character is Barney, for obvious reasons, he's hilarious and I absolutely love him! xD I love every episode about him, especially the Playbook, the     Spoiler:- Season 7-8:
    , the episodes about his dad, absolutely everything!
    I have several favorite episodes. "Subway Wars", the "The Playbook", "Robin 101", "Sweet Taste of Liberty" , "Blitzgiving", all the slap bet episodes,     Spoiler:- Season 8 episode:
    and many others.     Spoiler:- Season 8:
    . Favorite moments have to be the slap bets, and basically anytime Barney hooks up with girls, but Marshall and Lily moments are also very funny. I watch it on the internet since I can't watch it on TV because I am not American/have american tv.

    Yeh, basically you can discuss anything about it here.

    EDIT: Since most people posting here are watching the season 8 as it airs there's really no need to add the spoiler tags anymore
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