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    I'm making a crossovers fanseries with pokemon,the legend of spyro and sonic(could you give me suggestions for other worlds I could use or characters).The first one will be call pokemon shadow quest:return of the shadow pokemon,the second one will be call purple shade and be set in two part(one involving malefor and the other will be about my character fyra and the fall of a hero and the beginning of a dark ages),the third one will be the darkest becauses it involves a goddess who is a purple dragoness and is controled by Convexity(giratina) who will destroy everything even the gods until she got sealed away by some heroes from another universe(sonic,shadow,silver) at the cost of their own life.The fourth one will be the redemption of fyra,the resurrections of the ones who she killed,the destruction of convexity(giratina) it will also have a second part who will talk about a new dark master(amethyst purple dragoness daughter of fyra),the return of evil in the form of a black dragon(draverter son of convexity/giratina and new god of the pure darkness(convexity element) and a shade from a future that never happen(mephiles) and the birth of a new convexity dragon(darkea daughter of amethyst and draverter).

    Their will also a sub series who will have nothing to do with the main plot and the last one that I don't have a name for it yet will be the last fight between good and evil(darkea,draverter vs all the good ones of all the universes used in the series but one will be gone for good killed by darkea(sonic))and the start of a new age.

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    you have forget to call of sina the daughter of sonic and sally and the revenge take is

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