As you can see from my siggy, I make some sprites from scratch every now and then, and I was wondering if anyone can give advice. And to be frank, they aren't exactly Fakemon sprites, but everyone I show these to keep saying they're Fakemon, so I assume they could pass as Fakemon appearance-wise. They're actually original characters for a story I'm writing.

I referenced existing Pokemon sprites for sizes and colouring styles in an attempt to make them as legit looking as possible. I'm new to animating them, and only one of them's been animated (though I plan on adding some more frames to make it more interesting).

For the sake of having them all in one post, I'll post the ones in my siggy here as well.

Frisk (in his Attack Form)

Please note that I DO have ideas for Fakemon, and I was trying out B/W style with my OCs just in case I ever do put down my concepts on paper. My main question is

Did I nail the Pokemon style pretty well? And any tips to improve future sprites?

Also, I apologize in advance if my post ultimately doesn't belong here, since they aren't Fakemon, but they ARE in B/W style, so I assumed that these could be here.