Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve been on the RP forums, so I figured I would jump back in. This RP will be rated PG-13, so keep the cursing to a minimum, little/no bloody violence (outside of battles, that is), and obviously no sexual stuff.



Alright! So, if you’re confused about the whole “squad” thing, let me enlighten you: Once I have x number of spots, then I will divide everybody into a squad, and post it in the opening post. Simple enough, right? Also, as a note, in your squad, NOBODY will be captain. There will be times when one may temporarily assume leadership, but there will not be just one permanent leader.

Now, as for the sign-ups, there are two; one for your character, and one for your Pokémon. Your team can contain up to six members, not including your special-bonded partner (see below for more detail). So, in total, you can have a MAXIMUM of 7 mons. And it is required to have at least 2-3 besides your partner.

As for your special partner, they are pretty much like Pichu in Guardian Signs: you have the strongest bond with them. It can be any Pokémon within the rules (which are explained in the sign-up), so don’t feel limited. Although I will say RIGHT NOW that you will need to come up with a back-story for how your character formed such a strong bond with their partner. So if your character can’t swim, their partner probably won’t be a Kingdra, etc.

For People:


And now onto the Pokémon!

Since your partner will be your most important, it gets its own mini sign-up.

**Note- Banned Pokémon are clichéd Pokémon (most starters, eeveelutions, families such as Ralts, Pikachu, Riolu, the dragons, etc), legendaries, fakemon and glitch Pokémon (that would make you a hacker XD), shinies, and sixth gen Pokémon. As for the clichéd Pokémon, as long as it isn’t really over-used, then I’ll let it slip by, but there are NO exceptions to the others.

For your partner:


For the rest of your team, each Pokémon must have their own separate form as follows. The same guidelines/limits used above apply here as well (except history, in which a paragraph or so is acceptable).

For your team:


I will post my sign-up in the near future. Happy RPing!