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    Mind you my friend, it's under construction... I needed a unique name but ran out of ideas...

    Name: Silence Dogood
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Description and skills: Silence has a petite figure of height 1.46 metres. Her flat-chested yet curvacious body shape is feminine at first glance. Her left eye is a shining blue, whereas her right is hidden by a medical eyepatch. She has long, straight golden locks reaching down to her butt, styled in a well-maintained hime-cut. Her skin is white like snow, and is quite smooth as well. Her outfit consists of a jet black woolen turtleneck sweater and a checkered skirt with thigh-high translucent black stockings and black shoes.
    Her Lyoko avatar looks quite different. Her Lyoko avatar's appearance body-wise is almost the same, with the exception of having pure white instead of golden hair, and her eyepatch remains. She now has a tiny black tophat on his head, decorated with a white ribbon. This avatar is adorned with a black gothic-styled dress, ornamented with white ribbons all over and a rose on each sleeve. A big white ribbon can be seen at the back of the dress, along the waistline. She now wears black high-heels and black thigh-highs, along with long gloves. She can be seen carrying an umbrella.
    Silence is able to utilise both melee and ranged offenses. Melee offense is Silence's primary method. She is able to use his umbrella for offense, such as stabbing or slamming down on foes, or even hurling it like a lance. It can also be opened for defensive purposes, although the umbrella's offensive properties cannot be fully utilised in this state. In its defensive state, it can be utilised as a parachute.
    When his umbrella is lost through destruction or another method, Silence is able to unveil her eyepatch, revealing a demonic red eye. She can fire powerful demonic optic blasts from his eye in this state, although this demonic state is very hard to control and Silence might go berserk.
    Personality: Silence, as her name suggests, is absurdly silent. She is a lady of few words, and often shies away from those who question her too much. She is extremely ladylike, and treats people with respect when they deserve it. Despite having such a kind nature, she will not hesitate to resort to offense whenever necessary. She does not trust strangers at all. However, if you befriend him and get close to her, he will start to accept you as a close friend and trust anything you say. Silence is extremely brittle in reality. When he finds out that one of his friends have hurt her deeply, she will easily burst into tears. Silence is willing to help her allies in any way she can. It is rumoured that she has Asperger's syndrome.
    History: Silence was raised in a well-to-do family in England. Ever since she was but a child, she was extremely silent and rarely spoke a single word. She merely showed interest and curiousity of the things around her, just like a little child. Her parents were extremely worried about her future, judging from such behaviour. Thus, they eventually moved to France.
    Silence's personality changed to be less curious and more self-centred, keeping to herself very often. One thing that never changed was that Silence was quiet as ever. This lack of social skills caused her to remain lonely for a very long time. Little does she know, she is never, ever alone...
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