I would like to say it is far finished level wise but this is the team at the moment. It is in soul silver and I currently cannot trade.

Yanmega , timid
Ability speed boost, Lv 33
Foresight (which I will get rid off)
Double team
Ancient power

I think this is a good lead, keep on double teaming and with a bit of luck I miss most attacks and attack first.

Pupiter, adamant
Ability shed skin Lv 37
Sandstorm (which I will get rid off once it evolves)
Rock slide
Dragon dance

I'm planning a tough pokemon which can deal out massive physical damage with help from DD

Metang, adamant
Ability clear body Lv 21
Take down
Metal claw

Another physical sweeper , planning to teach it powerful steel, physcic moves and earthquake.

Pikachu hasty
Ability hasty Lv 28
Held item : light ball
Thunder wave
Nasty plot
Volt tackle
Tail whip

Mixed sweeper, I know it is kind of a gimmick but it can be fast with the hasty nature and can hit hard with volt tackle. Plus volt tackle just looks awesome.

Chairzard modest
Ability blaze, Lv 36
Air slash

I'm planning a sunny day charizard with sunny day, air slash , flamethrower and soler beam. I am need of another special sweeper and I think this will do nicely.

I would like suggestions on a sixth I am thinking a lucario or swampert but what do you guys think. Also items and general what do you think? Thank you in advance guys.