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    Default The challenge game

    The challenge game

    - Each post contains a challenge that other users have to do
    - The one that can completes the challenge (and posts some sort of proof) the fastest, can choose the new challenge.
    - Each post should contain the following: proof (s)he did the previous challenge, a new challenge and a way to proof that other users did the challenge.

    As an example: (when the previous challenge was making a smiley in paint)

    Proof of previous challenge
    (I know... it is beautiful)
    Next challenge
    Give a compliment to a mod
    Way to proof
    Post a screen cap of it.

    General rules:
    - SPPf rules apply
    - The person who choose the next challenge is the one who posts the proof first and NOT the one who completes the challenge first.
    - Do not post claiming you finished the challenge when you don't have the right proof
    - If the person who invented to challenge finds that the next poster didn't complete the challenge the right way, it should say that in this thread and it doesn't count as a complete challenge
    - Be nice everyone! ^^
    New challenges should follow these rules:
    - The challenge must be doable
    Wrong: Climb the Mount Everest and take a picture of yourself
    - The challenge must not have sexual content or force the user to embarrass his/herself
    Wrong: Post a nudepic of yourself
    - The challenge must be doable for all users, not for specific group of users
    Wrong: Drive your car for 3 hours straight
    - The challenge must not have any chance of harming the user of other people
    Wrong: Do the cinnamon challenge
    - Do not give a challenge that pisses off people, especially mods
    Wrong: Make a mod angry/Make a racist joke
    - The way to proof it should be doable and easy verifiable
    - The challenge and the way to proof it must be clearly defined
    - If these rules aren't followed, you will get an infraction. But if you just use your head when choosing a new challenge, you should be fine.
    - If you think a challenge doesn't follow the rules, please Pm me

    Ok let's get this thing started. Here is the first challenge:
    Next challenge
    Make a new meme with a pokemon-theme
    Way to proof
    Post a picture of the new meme

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    Ill use this for the contest

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    Closing this down on request from its owner.
    Anyway, to help you through the grieving time, here is another dancing Ludicolo!

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