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    Who else is watching this on channel 9?. I been enjoying this more then what I saw of the 2012 season.

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    I saw the launch show, but I will only be watching Saturday Showdown and probably the evictions as well. I believe the twist was good in which half of the housemates went into the half-house (including the first three housemates Mikkayla, Tahan and Xavier) and half went into the safe house. And no one knew what key led to which house.

    And last night there was a rule broken when Tahan went into the spa when she wasn't allowed to and she was encouraged to do it by Caleb.

    I hope that Mikkayla wins, but I got a funny feeling that she will be among the first to go.

    And tonight, "married" couple Drew and Jade will go into the house (got their names off Wikipedia).
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