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Laker fans are off the mark if they think, by some miricle that the Lakers even make it to the playoffs, that they will see a second round let alone the Finals. seriously, when a once great team is struggling to even get above .500 then the team has a problem. and at this point it seems highly unlikely if they can recover from that. they should see the playoffs as a goal for next year while rebuilding.
How is that a far stretch? We are one and a half games out of the playoffs to Utah and we also have the second easiest schedule in the whole NBA (by statistics) post all star break. How can you start over with Nash contracted for another 2 years after this, Pau Gasol earning 19 million next season and Kobe is earning 30 mill. We have no cap space to rebuild, and there is no way in hell we are going to let Dwight walk so we can't exactly rebuild. Why not focus everything on the playoffs while you can because anything can happen. Look at Boston last year, not even in the 8 come all star game and then they made it to a game seven in the ECF and probably should have won game six.

You have to remember we haven't had our team healthy the whole year with Gasol and Nash missing a lot of games and Dwight being about 70% the whole year. Then you add on Steve Blake and Jordan Hill who were 2 of our top 3 bench players missing for a lot of games as well (hill for the whole season). That's no excuse to be as bad as we have been but Steve can only get better and so can Dwight. They both still have a lot of match fitness to build up and we still have a lot of time to gel. Also if you think anybody will want to face Dwight and Kobe in the playoffs you are wrong. Unless you are the Thunder ofcourse.

Look at the Spurs, if they stay number one then we might have a shot. TP is out for a month meaning his fitness isn't going to be all that good come playoffs, we also match up very well with the Spurs, even better if TP isn't 100%. Clippers, Denver and Thunder have to take out one another first atleast as well and could get injuries during that time as well.

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Why the hell were they down by as many as 23 in the first place??? I echo the sentiments that no way do they make WCF. If they struggle to put the Hornets away...
Why did Miami have to use a last minute lay up by Lebron to beat the Magic at home? How could Pacers allow a 14 point lead in the third evaporate to a loss at home against the Celtics today? Dude it just happens, it's what the game does. You come in to a game thinking you will win and most of the time you lose. I know it's no excuse to be down by 23 to the Hornets, but on a second day of a back to back especially after the duel we had last night with OKC, these old guys are gonna take a while to get going. We struggle to put any team away but there is so many negatives that it can only turn into positives. We are bad at defense, more time together and more time for Dwight to get healthy helps that slightly. Pau has still to come back which helps our bench even more, we get lost on offense a lot. All these things that are bad now have a chance to improve a lot which will help us. It's not like we are offensively and defensively as good as Clippers or Thunder at the moment and still losing. We are sitting half n half and playing like ****, things can only improve.