Finally got a florist from all 4 games, literaly took me weeks. I'm at like level 23 and haven't beaten the elite 4 yet lol.

I have:

Florist (Black) Rank 2
Market (Black 2) Rank 9 - Doesn't seem to match with Serebii's list though. I'm missing a few items, that could be due to lack of E4, but I also have lava cookies rather than RageCandy bars. But I I have battle set G and C
Fitness (White) Rank 8
Lottery (White) Rank 10 - I know it's White because it's from my White file
Florist (White) Rank 5
Florist (White 2) Rank 4
Fitness (White 2) Rank 10
Florist (Black 2) Rank 7