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    Default Emerald Frontier Team

    Hi, now i starting to play battle frontier.
    Currently, I'm using my standard 3 and just gotten a silver shield in battle tower.

    Swampert Relax nature @ leftover
    ice beam
    252hp, 120Def, 136 att
    (Pysical tanker and help in clear dragon-type)

    Gardevoir Timid nature @ quick-claw
    Calm mind
    252spA, 252 Speed
    (Spec sweeper+Spec wall)

    Salamence Adament nature @ (Choice band)
    Aerial ace
    252att, 252 speed
    (Physical sweeper)

    I think/hope i can get gold shield in battle tower after i get choiceband and rockslide on salamence. I wonder what other pokemons can i add onto my team for battle frontiers without using any so-call allowed lengerdaries like regi's and latios/latias. And if possible, only include pokemon from emerald and not traded pokemons. I heard battle palace require some specific nature to be good in it, battle factory is about renting pokemon (so it is not about my pokemon team) What about other 'gym' in the frontiers. I hope i can get gold badge in all the gym in the frontier.

    Any recommendations/suggestions on my teams will be much appreciated
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