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    Errmm hellow I'm Amy :3 I'm planning to give my little disabled brother a pokemon game with all nice shiny and unique noncloned pokemon possible in it. He has his birthday on 4th. He's a pokemon fan =D I already bought the SoulSilver and managed to learn how RNG. But I am actually not very good at it so I couldnt get more than 1. Since most of you are good at it here I dont think anyone could be more trusted than you. I need unique RNGed pokemon which are not clones. (I mean I want him to be the only owner of that Pokemon) I'm sure he will love the present if I can gather some shiny and special pokemon for him until 4th. Any help is welcomed. I rather do WiFi trades since I couldnt get this GTS DNS to work so far :3 I dont have much to offer, but my thanks. Oh and I must mention that this game I have is 4th Generation?
    Forgive me if this post isnt located properly. Posting the same thread here as I think this is the right place :3

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    Posting the same thread here as I think this is the right place

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