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    A flying purple orb flew through the sky, heading toward a tall, treacherous volcano. It headed toward the mountain with incredible speed, nearly as fast as Raikou. It passed through the mountain as if it were a mere illusion. It then stopped when it reached a hollow center, which contained a tower as black as black could be. It lowered itself toward the top of the tower, where a dark cloud awaited. The Purple orb disappeared upon reaching the top, revealing Mewtwo.

    “You” Mewtwo said in a menacing voice.

    “Ah, Mewtwo, you’ve come at last. Come. Sit. You must be tired after your long journey” The cloud replied. It slowly circled Mewtwo until it had surrounded him.

    “No, I’ve came to put an end to you” Mewtwo said, unfazed by the darkness engulfing him.

    “Why so serious? I only want to play a little” The Cloud said innocently.

    “Play? How about a game of ‘Interrogation’? I ask the questions, and if you don’t answer, you die” Mewtwo replied, aggravated by how lightly the Cloud took his presence. The only Pokémon who wouldn’t cower in fear in front of him were Mew and Arceus. He was not used to this kind of reaction from lesser beings. “For example, are you the one responsible for the disappearance of several Pokémon?”

    “Oh no, no, no. I would never do something like that! I did something else to them”

    “But why?”

    “Because I needed this” Suddenly a blue fire appeared before Mewtwo. The fire let out millions of agonized screams of pain and torture, begging to be spared. “A mind is a delicate thing, no?”

    Mewtwo suddenly felt something he never felt before. Was it fear? Anxiety? Just the smallest trace of nervousness? Mewtwo didn’t know he could never feel such absurd emotions. “What did you do to the bodies, then?” Mewtwo cried out.

    “Heh, let me show you”

    Before Mewtwo could react, he was shot with a bolt of black lightning. Mewtwo knew it was useless. He was the most powerful Pokémon alive! But he could hear just the faintest crack. Was that his defenses? The bolt broke through Mewtwo’s invisible psychic barrier, and the bolt struck, creating an immense amount of pain. When the bolt disappeared, Mewtwo fell down to his knees.

    “But….. How…..”

    “I feel pity for you, but I have no time for helplessness, lets end this.” The Cloud said before shooting Mewtwo with another bolt of dark electricity.


    A Cyndaquil stood in front of the entrance to a forest. It had been a long trip from the campsite to here, but he simply could not muster up enough courage. “It’s impossible” sighed the Cyndaquil. “I don’t know what could be waiting in there for me. Maybe an angry horde of Beedrill! Or a rabid Ursaring! Or maybe even some kind of – What the?”

    The Cyndaquil noticed something floating in the nearby river he had to cross earlier. He saw a Pikachu, unconscious, just casually floating down the river.

    “W-whoa! Wait, Finally! Someone to rescue! If I can bring this poor, defenseless Pikachu back to camp, I’ll become part of a rescue team for sure!” The Cyndaquil stated triumphantly, making a pose. But then he noticed the Pikachu just left his sight. “Wait! Come back!” The Cyndaquil ran towards the Pokémon, unaware of the grand adventure that awaited him…..

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Dawn of Darkness

    And so begins my next fanfic. This is going to be my most important project I'll be working on, so expect regular updates (Though not guaranteed). The prequel was PMD Dawn of Memory, but I got bored of it, and it only has a little impact on the plot of this story. Enjoy!

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    A furret plays a game of War against a Mr. Mime dealer. It... almost goes well?

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    Yay a million years later I FINALLY GET BACK ON SEREBII!

    As for Rotomknights question(on my visitor page), I will finish my crossover guaranteed, but as for Conspiracy, not really sure. I want to focus on this story since I have just about the entire story planned out, but when I get to it, I will post new chapters.

    Until then!
    A Game of War
    A furret plays a game of War against a Mr. Mime dealer. It... almost goes well?

    The Evening Thief
    A thief causes trouble in the town of Liubao. She would have been caught already… if she didn’t escape into the woods at nightfall every time.

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    POKEMON FUN FACT! Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres. They count to three in spanish PLUS Raikou's face mask has four points on it, Entei's has five, and Suicune's has six AND all three Regis have seven dots on their faces! 1234567! Coincidence? I think not!

    Chapter 1

    "Ugh, my head" I groaned as I slowly woke up. I saw that I was on a white, wooden bed in what seemed to be a medic room. The equipment was very strange, I could see syringes and other modern stuff, but there were no sinks, no metal, and not even a door, just a hole in the wall leading to the outside. It was sort of like a mix in between new and old. That’s when it hit me. I’m dead. But none of this was what I was expecting from an entryway into heaven. Just to make sure, I pinched myself. To my disappointment, I felt pain. Not dead yet. I looked around the room for something sharp, yet large enough to kill someone. I eventually found a large, syringe right above the doorway, probably only for display, but it was good enough.

    Getting out of bed, I felt unsteady on my feet. My legs have never felt so stiff before. When I made it to the doorway, I couldn’t help but look outside. I saw that I was on the edge of a clearing in a forest. How I got there, I didn’t care at the moment. I bashed my head against the wall until the syringe fell from the wall and shattered on the floor. I picked up what remained of the needle, pointed it towards my chest, and got ready to meet death in the face.

    That’s when it happened

    “STOP!” Someone yelled. What I saw then made me drop the needle and almost faint.

    It was a Cyndaquil.

    “What are you doing!?” The Pokémon yelled, “Trying to commit suicide!?”

    “A Cyndaquil!? And a talking one too!?” I murmured to myself. “I really am dead! Or…” I remembered something like this before, like in a game I played. I quickly turned around and looked in a nearby bucket of water. What I saw in my reflection made me back up into the Cyndaquil and topple him over.

    I was a Pikachu.

    “Get off me!” yelled the Cyndaquil. “Is this how you treat your rescuer!?”

    OK. Gotta play it cool. Don’t want to do anything stupid. I lifted myself off him.

    “Oh, uh, sorry. Just got a little confused there. What’s your name?” I asked, trying to hide my surprise.

    “Um, it’s just Cyndaquil, but my friends call me Cinder” said Cinder. “What’s yours?”


    “Cool. So, uh, why did you try to kill yourself” Cinder asked.

    “Hey where are we?”

    “Don’t try to change the subject!” Cinder yelled.

    My stomach grumbled. I was famished. “Hey, I’m starving. You have anything to eat?

    Cinder sighed. He must of found out he wasn’t getting any answers out of me. “Yeah sure. Follow me.” He led me out of the medic room into the actual clearing. It was HUGE. There were a lot of tents scattered about the place, hinting it was probably a campsite. I saw quite a few Pokémon as well. The most notable had to be a Chatot squawking out orders. Something about him reminded him of someone, but I figured it was impossible.

    Soon Cinder led me over to one of the larger tents. When he led me inside I saw a long table with a lot of chairs. He pointed at a pile of food at one of the corners of the tent. It contained apples, berries, and even some jelly bean looking things. “You can pick anything out of that pile. But don’t pick too much. Our food supply has been limited ever since the path back to town was cut off.”

    I walked over to the pile, skeptical about the quality. I was a very picky eater. Soon I found a big, red, shiny apple at the top of the pile and picked it out. I was surprised at how good it tasted. I wasn’t a big fan of fruits, but I liked berries even less and I had no clue what the jelly beans were really supposed to be.

    “So, where do you live?” Cinder asked from behind me. I had just finished my apple when I turned around to answer.

    “In a galaxy, far, far away” I chuckled at my joke. Cinder didn’t seem to get it though.

    “Ok, I’m from a small town in the US. Never really got to know the name of it though”

    “U….S?” Cinder repeated, confused. “Never heard of it”

    “It’s really far away. Trust me”

    “Ok, but then how did you get here?”

    How did I get here? “I don’t know. By the way, where are we?”

    “We are at the Guild Preparation campsite! A new program made to make people like me who want to join rescue teams ready for the hardships of an explorer” Cinder said proudly.

    “Wait, a guild?” Something was telling him the Chatot sounded familiar for a reason. “What is the name of it?”

    “Wigglytuff’s Guild, right next to Treasure Town”

    It was official. I’m dead.

    Yay 1st chapter after who knows how long! Suicidal main character with ALL of his memories? Won't be until WAY later in the story will you get to know his backstory, so be patient.
    A Game of War
    A furret plays a game of War against a Mr. Mime dealer. It... almost goes well?

    The Evening Thief
    A thief causes trouble in the town of Liubao. She would have been caught already… if she didn’t escape into the woods at nightfall every time.

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    All I have yo say good story so far. It was great
    Looking Good!
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    (Any item name with a * after it is an item found only in PMD Gates to Infinity. Sorry for any confusion.)

    Chapter 2

    I couldn't believe it. I was inside a video game! But just to make sure, "By any chance is that Chatot the co-leader of Wigglytuff's Guild?" I asked.

    "Of course he is," Cinder replied "Why do you ask?"

    "Oh no reason" I said, now officially freaked out. How was this possible? The only logical explanation was that I was dead, or at least knocked out. But the fact that I could get hungry eliminated death as a possibility, and if I could taste things and feel pain then I should be wide awake, basically throwing all logic out the window.

    "Okay..." Said Cinder, not satisfied with the answer. "So how did you end up in that river?"

    "What river?"

    "Here, lemme show you" I followed Cinder out of the Mess Hall... just in time for Cinder to bump into Chatot on the way out. The bird was annoying enough in the games, I didn't want to experience him in real life.

    "Hey! Watch where you're going Cinder!" Chatot squawked angrily. He saw me behind Cinder and eyed me curiously "And who may this young lad be?"

    "Sorry Mr. Chatot, it was an accident" apoligized the Cyndaquil. "And this is Jake, a Pikachu I found floating in the Heaven's River. In fact, I was just about to show him it."

    "Hmm, well you may proceed, just don't enter the Friendly Woods" Chatot warned. "You know how dangerous it became ever since last week."

    "Don't worry, we won't go there" Cinder promised. He turned to me. "Come on, lets go."

    As we went toward a small path at the edge of the clearing, I could feel Chatot's gaze burn into my back.


    We arrived upon a wide river with a small arching bridge going over it, which continued the path that abruptly ended at the edge of a dense forest.

    "So here we are! I was standing at the edge of the path when you came floating down" Cinder explained.

    "Why do they cal this the Heaven's River?" I asked.

    "Because it leads from the Heaven's Waterfall, the largest waterfall in the world" Cinder replied, pointing upstream toward the largest waterfall I've ever seen. Even though it was a good ten miles away, it was clearly visible as it rose up past the clouds and beyond that. It was amazing that the forest wasn't underwater right now.

    "Wow, that thing is huge!" I exclaimed. "What's at the to-" I broke off when I noticed Cinder was no longer beside me. I turned around to check if he moved backwards or something, but he wasn't there.

    "Cinder? Cinder!?" I called out, panicked. Now don't think I considered him as a friend. Sure, he was nice to me, and yes, I am worried, but that doesn't mean he's my best bud. I barely even know him. The reason I panicked was because I noticed I was now surrounded by trees. We must of accidentally walked into a mystery dungeon, or at least I think we walked into one. In the games you didn't just end up in the middle of nowhere just by looking up. But if I was in a mystery dungeon, that meant hostile Pokemon, and I didn't know a thing about fighting as a Pokemon.

    Oh no I thought to myself. If I can't find Cinder before another Pokemon finds me, I'm doomed!


    It was a few moments before I found stairs leading to seemingly nowhere. It was official, I was in a mystery dungeon. And a creepy one at that. Not a single Pokemon was to be seen. Guess it wasn't called the Friendly Woods for nothing. As soon as I put my foot on the first step, I was teleported to an entirely different area. I was a bit startled at that, but remembered this was real, not a video game.

    Several feet in front of me was a beautiful azure orb with a strange glow to it. A wonder orb! I thought with excitement. But what kind? The orb was just as I described it, an orb.There were no other distinguishing traits whatsoever. It could be a Health Orb,* or a Luminous Orb, or a Totter Orb, or even a Rewinding Orb!* Or...

    "A Rollcall Orb!" I shouted joyously to myself. If it was a Rollcall Orb, than it would bring Cinder over to me! I ran over to the orb and said aloud, "Bring me Cyndaquil!" before tapping on the glass.

    Suddenly, the entire room started to shake violently as the walls (or trees that I couldn't move past) started to disapear from existence. Soon, the entire floor was just one, big room.

    "A One-Room orb" I remarked in awe as the orb dissipated into my little yellow hands.

    As I looked around the new and improved 2nd floor of Friendly Woods, I saw Cinder cautiously stare at a bundle of brown stuff. Excited that the orb (sorta) worked, I started running towards Cinder and shouted, "Hey Cinder!"

    "NO! STOP!" Cinder shouted back

    Too late.

    Right after Cinder's warning, I felt something move beneath my feet. before I could react, I was flung forward straight towards the pile of brown, which now started to move. I found myself bumping headfirst into the rapidly growing mass and bounced off onto my back. When I sat up, I saw the brown stuff now had feet, legs, a torso with a tan circle on it, claws, arms, and finally the face of an enraged Ursaring.

    "Oops?" I said right before the Pokemon threw a punch aimed for my face.

    I threw my head to the side just in time and stood up, ready to evade attacks. "Okay Cinder, I hope you know how to fight because I don't"

    No answer

    "Cinder?" I threw a glance at him just as I dodged the Ursaring's claws. the Cyndaquil was just standing there, paralyzed with fear. "Cinder!?" I shouted again, panicked. I had just dodged a blow that could of sent me flying out of the forest.

    Okay, so Cinder is too much of a coward to help. So I guess I'm gonna have to deal with this myself. I thought as I dodged another Slash attack. The easiest attack I could possibly do is a Slam attack, so I'll try that.

    I jumped backwards to give myself some distance, took a deep breath, and ran forward as fast as I could. Suddenly it came naturally to me to go on all fours to make myself faster, so I did just that and went faster than I ever thought I could of and turned the Slam attack into a Quick Attack. I hit the Ursaring with such force that he staggered back a bit. Since the brute wasn't prepared for a counter-attack, it hit harder than normal.

    Soon the battle turned into me dodging attacks and countering with Quick Attack. A few minutes later though, I started to get tired. When I tried to do a Quick Attack again I instead stumbled forward and hit the ground, where the Ursaring brought his foot down on me and slowly pushed down. Apparently no matter what you can't escape the annoying thing that is PP.

    "Cind-OW!" I tried to to shout but couldn't for the Ursaring kept pushing down. a few black spots came across my vision when suddenly I felt a burst of heat and all weight was lifted off my back, accompanied by a roar of pain and a large THUD as something hit the ground. I tried to push myself back up, but my small arms wouldn't allow it and I flopped back down.

    "Here, eat this Jake" I heard Cinder say as he shoved a blue berry into my mouth. As I chewed on the Oran berry, I could feel the sweet juices return the strength to my body.

    "Thanks" I said as I got myself back up. "But why didn't you help out earlier?"

    "Oh, well I freeze up when I'm scared. I'm sort of a coward."

    "Well you just saved me!" i pointed at the unconscious Ursaring to prove my point.

    "Well, yeah, but that was only because I saw you get hurt."

    "Still though." It was then that I noticed a gray orb floating in midair at the center of the room. "Hey, whats that?" I asked.

    "Woah! This is the heart of the mystery dungeon! I've only heard legends about stuff like this!" Cinder exclaimed in awe of the gray thing.

    "What is the heart of a mystery dungeon?"

    "It is an area of extreme spacial disorder that creates a mystery dungeon, If you remove it the entire place reverts back to its original form."

    "Well, what are we waiting for? Take it! It'll get us out of here!"

    "How can you be so sure?"

    "Trust me, it'll work" I grabbed the surprisingly soft gray orb and yanked it out of it's invisible resting place. Suddenly a sharp piercing noise went off and everything faded to black.

    And so ends Chapter 2. This was the first battle scene I've ever done, so hopefully it's not too bad. Also I experienced a lot of writers block this chapter, probably because I was so excited about the upcoming PMD game Gates to Infinity. I've already finished the demo. See you guys next chapter!
    A Game of War
    A furret plays a game of War against a Mr. Mime dealer. It... almost goes well?

    The Evening Thief
    A thief causes trouble in the town of Liubao. She would have been caught already… if she didn’t escape into the woods at nightfall every time.

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