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Thread: Aradis Chronicles: Quest for the Sacred Gems [Sign Ups, Rated PG-13]

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    Default Aradis Chronicles: Quest for the Sacred Gems [Sign Ups, Rated PG-13]

    Aradis Chronicles: Quest for the Sacred Gems

    According to legend, a long time ago there was only gods who lived on the world of Aradis. There were three major gods: Terra, the god of the earth, elements, and all things physical, Anima, the goddess of magic, morality, and all things ethreal, and their father, a being only known in lore as "The Original". After The Original created Terra and Anima, they then created the minor gods. Terra's creations were Ignis, god of fire, Aqua, goddess of water, Ventus, god of wind, Solum, god of earth, and Tonitrui, god of lightning. Anima's creations were Lux, goddess of light, Nox, god of darkness, Mentem, god of the mind, and Tempus, god of time.

    And yet, even after creating the minor gods, the two major god were still not satisfied. And so, is it said that they created life on the world of Aradis, and along with it, the final two minor gods, Vita, the goddess of life and nature, and Spiritus, goddess of spirits, death, and the afterlife. They were happy..for a time. However, they soon came to realize that these creatures were not ideal, as for every good deed that was enacted was a sin that countered it. So, Terra and Anima left the world and put the minor gods, now known as the Patrons, in charge of looking after the world. But when they left, as a parting gift they created the Divine Gems, which had the power to either bring a golden age of properity or thrust the world into chaos. Of these gems, there was also the Sacred Gems, which held the power of the the god themselves; however, they were sealed away, for generations far in the future who are much more prepared for their power to use...

    At least, that's what the history books say. The land of Aradis as it is now is a land inhabited by four races: The Humans, Gaians, Psyclos, and Velox. Aradis' technology is mostly similer to that of Earth's in the mid-1800's, but many advancements have been made over the past few decades thanks to the Divine Gems. These gems come in many different colors, and are used for three main purposes: a power source, enchanments, and direct magic. Some gems are used essentially as batteries to power steampunk technology, except unlike batteries they never run out of power (they can give something a certain amount of power at a constant rate, but never give any more, or any less). Others are expended to give items special powers related to said gem. While lastly others are used more directly for spell casting.

    Recently, there have been rumors of geologists descoving a large Divine Gem some where on the edge of Aradis. Some belive it to be one of the Sacred Gems spoken of in legend. Due to the rumors, the Parliment of Aradis has hired several able-bodied mercenaries (or anyone else willing to go) to investigate this. You, as the player, are one of the people who either was hired or volunteered to go and investigate this large gem at the edge of Aradis. Little does either you or the Parliment know, that the events that will take place there will change the history of Aradis...forever.

        Spoiler:- The Land of Aradis:

        Spoiler:- Races:

        Spoiler:- Gems:

        Spoiler:- Classes:


    1. All standard Serebii rules apply. Redundant to say, but whatever.
    2. No godmodding, or bunnying. It ruins the fun for everyone else.
    3. PLEASE avoid making a Mary Sue character. Characters who only have positive traits and are perfect in every way are just boring.
    4. If you are a duel class, you shouldn't be as effective in both classes as someone who's only using one class.
    5. You are allowed to have up to two characters. No more than two though; don't want there to be too many characters.
    6. Posts should start with this:
    (Insert Name Here)
    (Insert Race Here, Insert Class Here)
    (Insert Location Here)

    Here's an example:
    Billy Mays
    Human Knight
    WhoCaresville, Aradis

    7. Have a good time ladies and gentlemen.

    Sign Ups:

    Name: (Obvious.)
    Age: (Also Obvious.)
    Gender: (Male of Female. Your choice.)
    Race: (Human, Gaian, Half-Gaian, Psyclos, Velox, or Half-Velox.)
    Class: (Pick one or two classes. Someone with only one class should be more skilled than someone who has that class as well as another one. Also, by class, I mean the sub-classes. Don't put Warrior as your class, put Knight.)

    Skills/Weapons/Powers: (Not everyone does the same thing. What does your character do? What does he use? Try to give a short description for every skill/power/weapon. For example: "He carries a rapier with a silver blade and a jewel encrusted handle" is a good enough description, "He carries a sword" is not.)

    Description: (What does your character look like? 5-7 sentances minimum.)

    Personality: (What does your character act like? 5-7 sentances minimum.)

    History: (What is your character's history? I understand that Aradis is a fairly new world for you, so 9-11 sentances minimum for this one. Hey, I would've made it even bigger otherwise.)

    Misc. Info: (Anything else you'd like to add.)

    Accepted/Pending/Reserved Characters:


    Captain Richter Redheart, Male Half-Velox Knight - Billy Mays
    Harvey Kingrock, Male Earth Gaian Augmenter/Elementalist - Billy Mays
    Enma Sarutobi, Male Lightning Gaian Monk - SenorLaughsaLot
    Cynthia Viridian, Female Half-Velox Berzerker/Cleric - SenorLaughsaLot
    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone, Male Human Monk/Illusionist - Mon1010
    Lirea Marine, Female Water Half-Gaian Elementalist - Mon1010
    Kareena Aslantin, Female Wind Half-Gaian Elementalist - Flame Mistress
    Hawke Mason, Male Human Gunslinger - Avenger Angel
    Felicity Lucas, Female Lightning Half-Gaian Thief - *Jean Grey*
    Ian Blackwood, Male Psyclo Psychic/Necromancer - SoulMuse
    Yuri Lazuli, Male Half-Gaian Time Mage - CandleReaper
    Halt Erzit, Male Fire Gaian Elementalist/Monk - deltakirumiru4
    Kristoph Coslends, Male Half-Velox Ranger - kacqn



    Male Lightning Gaian, Ranger - Krazy95
    Psyclo - SoulMuse
    Human, Augmenter - LokiTheGangar
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