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Thread: A Buying Guide For Pokemon Adventures?

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    Default A Buying Guide For Pokemon Adventures?

    I want to get into Pokemon Adventures but I'm a bit confused about where to start. It seems the volumes we get over here in the US is a bit sporadic and we're missing a few parts. What has been released over here in the US and what hasn't? Where do I start? Does it matter if I read them in order or not?
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    Well for starters, all the volumes up to 14 have been released here in the states. Volumes 1 through 14 comprise of the RGB chapters to the GSC chapters. Additionally, the Diamond and Pearl Chapter have been released which in Japan are Volumes 30-40. They have been published under the title, Pokemon Adventures: Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. So far only six of those ten have been released. I say start from Volume 1 and work your way up. Hopefully this helps.

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    Also, try to get the boxsets now that they're available. Much cheaper that way.

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