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Thread: Pokemon + The Mortal Instruments (working title) [PG-13, Xover]

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    Default Pokemon + The Mortal Instruments (working title) [PG-13, Xover]

    Title: Pokemon + The Mortal Instruments (working title)
    Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Adventure, Friendship, Pokemon
    Rating: PG-13/T for possible character death and a little language.
    Warning: Not a journey/trainerfic.

    Well, hello, folks. It's me, Deadly.Braviary, with a tale of mystery, magic, and interdimensional travel. This is my first crossover story, between the Pokemon and Mortal Instruments universes.

    The timeline for the most part follows Heart Gold and Soul Silver (but not the plot): two years after the events of the first and third generation games, a few months after Gold, Silver, their remakes and Crystal, but right after the events of Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. In terms of the Mortal Instruments series, this takes place between the fourth and fifth books (City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls, respectively), but the ending is somewhat altered so that Jace never returned to the rooftop, and so Sebastian is still dead. Some knowledge of both the universes is required. If you haven't read the first three books, you may be majorly spoiled.

        Spoiler:- PM list:

        Spoiler:- Chapter list:

    ~ Chapter One ~
    City of Gemstones

    "We won't let you do this!"

    Dawn's voice rang across the desolate silence of Spear Pillar, met with no reply from the man she was speaking to. Even as she strode across to meet him, he stood facing west as the sun set. He stood, tall and imposing, dressed in a silver vest over a black full-sleeved shirt and pants. As he turned, the golden 'G' emblazoned stared her in the face. Cyrus' poker face remained as he spoke in an even voice:

    "If you could have stopped me you would have done it by now."

    "True," Dawn admitted. "But what about them?"

    "Them?" Cyrus would have laughed if he could have felt humour. "There is no them. Mars and Jupiter have already detained Rowan. Cynthia cannot enter Mount Coronet by foot, because of my Grunts, nor will she approach by air. Honchkrow!" He clicked a button on the PokeBall at his belt, and in a flash of light, a three-foot-tall raven appeared. Under a large crest that resembled a fedora, two beady and distrustful eyes glared at Dawn. With a mournful squawk, it took off into the sky, its aim silently understood: Cyrus was determined that no one would interrupt his plan.

    "You and your pathetic League cannot stop me," the older man said flatly. It wasn't as though he was gloating; he said it matter-of-factly. He turned and fished out from his pocket three things: what appeared to be a string of crimson pearls, broken at one end (when looked at closely, the pearls seemed to be filled with a reddish fluid, neither liquid nor gas), a scrap of paper, and a silver wand-like object about nine inches long. "Aren't you going to do something foolish, like try and stop me?"

    "I would if my Pokemon weren't all knocked out by your stupid *** grunts," Dawn snapped.

    Cyrus didn't even acknowledge her reply; he simply crouched and started to inscribe something on the ground with the wand. At the same time, he began reading an incantation aloud from the paper. It was partly in Latin and partly in a language that sounded to Dawn like a dragon: very, very old, and very, very powerful.

    The demon was pissed, and you'd be pissed too if three werewolves, four full-grown Nephilim (Shadowhunters, or, more simply, half-angel half-human demon killers), a vampire and a disgraced (but no less dangerous) Shadowhunter had been pursuing you for almost two days.
    The demon (a male, if you're interested) was tired of running, so he turned himself. At first glance, nothing seemed wrong about him: a tall, slender man with long, greasy black hair that fell past his shoulders, dressed in a black suit. But look closely, past the glamour that the demon had cast, and you might make out that its tongue was forked and its fingers almost three inches long, ending in sharp black nails. Look harder, and you would eventually realise that his entire lower body was actually the emerald green coils of a snake, and he sported two pairs of arms. As if that wasn't enough, the demon wielded a pitchfork: black as the night, with wickedly sharp gleaming points.
    In front of him stood a dark-haired teenage boy, and a petite girl, with fiery red hair and green eyes. Nephilim. He'd heard rumours of her: Clarissa Fray, the girl who could Mark people with runes that were not known to even the Shadowhunters - but he wasn't one to believe in rumours.

    Could he escape to the right? At that very moment, the other two Shadowhunters appeared almost soundlessly. A tall, beautiful girl with ink-black hair who bore a resemblance to the other boy, and an adult woman who looked to be the mother of Clary Fray. Jocelyn Fairchild, ex-Shadowhunter, wife of the werewolf.

    The left was blocked by a girl with her dark brown hair in braids - a werewolf - and the vampire boy, a tall, pale, and strangely disconcerting individual whom the demon suddenly recognised. "Daylighter," he hissed - the one vampire who was loyal to the Clave of Shadowhunters, the one vampire who could walk under the sun. Everyone knew the Daylighter. A black wolf bounded up, snarling, and before the demon's eyes, he morphed into a lean, dark young man, whose arms were tattooed in a language of the mundane, the 'ordinary' ones. The demon saw the pendant on his neck, recognising him as a member of the Praetor Lupus, the werewolf organisation that tracked down rogue or stray Downworlders.

    His final escape route was cut off by a muscular brown-haired man in his thirties - the leader of the werewolf pack of New York City, and an ex-Shadowhunter to boot. Luke Garroway, formerly Lucian Graymark. The demon knew this man - he'd fought him once, a few years before the man Turned into one of the Downworlders, the motley group that consisted of blood-suckers and lycanthropes, not to mention the half-demon half-human warlocks. And now he'd married the Fray woman as well ...

    One was missing; the last Shadowhunter. Even as he thought, a figure slunk across the rooftop, and gracefully vaulted to the ground, taking the side of the green-eyed girl. The final Shadowhunter was another teenage boy, younger than the other boy, but more muscular and blonde, his hair so fair that it almost shone. He knew of this one as well - the one who was the adopted son of the extremist Shadowhunter Valentine Morgenstern. The boy was now supposedly a part of the Lightwood family: Jace Lightwood.

    Nine warriors against one demon; did he stand a chance? The creature hissed again.

    Jace smirked. "Surrender must sound pretty good right now, huh?"

    Cyrus finished the first inscription, and began a second, a few feet to the right of the first. Dawn caught sight of the first rune: it was black, as though Cyrus' wand-thing had burned the very earth to create this drawing. She shivered as she suddenly realised it looked oddly like a clock, but at the same time it was abstract, and a million other things. It looked like an ancient drawing of something.

    Dawn gasped as an idea struck her, and then quickly covered her mouth. But Cyrus seemed not to have heard, or if he had, he gave no indication that he'd done so. Dawn knew, though, of the stories about Cyrus. Grunts whispered that he had lost all emotion because of contact with something decidedly supernatural ...

    Focus, Dawn. Focus. You know what Cyrus is doing - and you have a plan now, remember? Act on it.

    She would need perfect timing ...

    Even as Alec stared, the demon suddenly whipped its tail out. Clary, beside him, pushed him to the ground, most probably saving his life. The demon had gone from running to fighting in seconds.
    Isabelle and Jocelyn managed to avoid the tail, and so did Luke and Maia. But Jordan wasn't so lucky; the demon chose to attack him first. Luckily, Simon sped into action, and slammed his fist into the side of the creature's face. He shrank backwards, angrily spitting, and then whirled to attack Jace - but he was already in the air. He'd jumped, Alec thought to himself, with the grace of an antelope, the elegance of a gymnast - and the power of an angered tiger. Jace came down behind the demon, and called a name: "Sanvi!" The dull-looking tube in his hand turned into a lethal-looking dagger with a glowing blade - an angel blade. Jace stabbed at the demon and just missed.

    The demon suddenly froze, as though hearing a sound no one else could. He snarled, "Shadowhunters ... You will regret the day you chose to attack me!" And with this ominous proclamation, he created a Portal.
    Alec hadn't thought demons could create Portals, but this one could, and did. With a step into a swirling colourless void, he vanished.
    Jace was the nearest to the demon. When the Portal appeared, it seemed to pull him through like a vacuum. With a startled cry, he was gone.

    "Jace!" Clary screamed, and threw herself at the Portal. As she, too, vanished, Isabelle, in an attempt to restrain her, was dragged through as well.

    "Everyone calm -" Luke began, but never finished - the Portal was beginning to shine. Alec's eyes burned, and he shut them.
    When he opened them again, the Portal was gone. And with it, it had taken six people.

    "What the hell ..." Jocelyn began. "That was no ordinary demon, and no ordinary Portal. It wasn't - it wasn't physical! And it - by the Angel! It ... it ..." She collapsed and began to sob. "It took Clary."

    Luke knelt down, to comfort his wife, saying things inaudible to Alec, who, frankly, didn't care.

    The Portal was gone, and so were Jace, Clary, Isabelle, Jordan, Maia and Simon.

    A few minutes ago, several dimensions away ...

    Cyrus' incantation complete, he stood up and took a step back. Dawn now saw the second rune: it was larger than the first, but minimalistic and defined rather than complex and abstract.

    Cyrus spoke one last time in Latin. "Invocate deos!"

    I call upon the gods.

    Dawn's blood ran cold.

    Two gigantic voids appeared, one blue and one pink. Through the first appeared a massive, blue quadrupedal Pokemon that looked like a cross between a dinosaur and a giraffe had been given metal fins. It roared, and time stood still - literally. When the shriek ended, Dawn's mind had caught up to her body.

    Cyrus raised the Red Chain, and released it. Immediately, it began to expand, forming a large ring that bound Dialga within it. The legendary ruler of time began to shrink, until it was barely fifteen or twenty feet tall, almost a tenth of its previous height.

    The second vortex spat out a silver and pink bipedal creature. This one was Palkia - it was smaller than Dialga, but looked more dangerous, with sharp claws and two tusks. It also looked more ... pointy.
    Palkia didn't come as easily as Dialga. It struggled, and at first only its head and neck were visible. Then the Red Chain expanded even more, until it encompassed the rulers of time and space. Palkia shrank to a height of about fourteen feet - but then it fought back. The 'god' of space suddenly lashed out with its claws, screaming a throaty, somewhat bird-like, roar. Palkia's talons shone purple, and the air itself seemed to ripple and distort within the Red Chain.

    Dawn's plan came into effect at this point. A hand tapped Cyrus on the shoulder; when he turned, Dawn punched him in the face. He stumbled backwards, but then spoke. "Is that all you got?" Cyrus sounded almost bored, despite the fact that he'd just been hit in the face by someone less than half his age.

    "Hey, creep," Dawn said. "Check out your hands."

    Confused, the mastermind leader of Team Galactic looked at his hands. They were blurring, and his very being seemed to flow. As he looked up with horror, Cyrus realised in one shocking moment that he was within the Red Chain.

    Palkia looked down at the puny human, and lifted Cyrus to its face. Up-close, Cyrus could see that Palkia's eyes were almost hypnotic, a deep shade of purple. He reached out ...

    ... and Palkia crushed him in its fist.

    Cyrus' body didn't crunch, as every bone in it shattered in the grasp of a near-god. Instead, it dissolved into nothingness. Without a master, the Red Chain immediately fell down, returning to its old self: a small string of orbs. Dialga vanished into its vortex. As Palkia did the same, something went horribly wrong.

    A void exploded into a being within Palkia's vortex. This, dear reader, if you haven't guessed by now, contains three Shadowhunters, two werewolves, one vampire and one demon.

    Palkia growled, more in surprise than anger, as seven beings tumbled out and into Spear Pillar. It looked annoyed and baffled, as though thinking I've already killed one human. How many more before I can go home?! And then, claws gleaming as before, it executed yet another Spacial Rend. The dimension went almost haywire, as not one but two Portals - yes, Portals of the magical kind - appeared. One glowed black. One was colourless.

    "Clary!" Simon shouted in excitement. "The Portal's back!" And he stepped into the colourless one, not stopping to think that it might perhaps be a different Portal.

    The demon growled, and slithered into the black one. Jace attempted to stab it with Sanvi, but missed. Thrown off-balance, he almost sank into the black Portal, but Isabelle and Jordan caught hold of his legs and pulled him towards them. Unfortunately, despite appearing to fall weightlessly, Jace wasn't weightless - but he was pretty damn light. Overestimating his weight, Jordan and Isabelle pulled too hard and stumbled - right into the colourless Portal. Jace, surprised, grabbed hold of the closest thing he could - Maia's foot. And he pulled her in with them.

    The Portals began to close. Palkia was already gone. Clary, not wanting to be left behind on the off chance that she might be left behind, made a quick decision.

    And Clary jumped into the Portal, as it shut behind her in a flash of light.
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    ~ Chapter Two ~
    City of Dragons, Part I

    "What the hell," said Jocelyn, for the umpteenth time, drying her eyes.

    It was two in the morning, almost three hours after what Luke had termed, 'the Vanishing'. For indeed, Clary, Simon, Jace, Maia, Jordan and Isabelle had vanished, and now it seemed unlikely that they would be back anytime soon.

    The three had stayed at the site of the Portal for forty-five minutes until Jocelyn accepted that the teens wouldn't be coming back. From there, they returned to the Institute, and Luke had taken it upon himself to tell Maryse Lightwood* that her daughter was missing. She had taken the news calmly, seemingly sure of the fact that nothing devastating had happened. "After all," she'd said, "they're nearly adults. They will come back. And if they don't," she added, her eyes steely, "I will personally hunt down that demon."

    Jocelyn, reassured by Maryse's cool-headedness, slowly calmed down. She was no longer hysterical, but a little disbelieving. Luke put on a brave face for her sake, but inside, he was silently wondering if he would ever see Clary again.

    Alec had taken it badly as well. He'd locked himself in his room and spoken to no one, not even Maryse. Luke had been to see Magnus to ask him to speak to Alec, but the warlock was away 'on business' and apparently wouldn't return for a week or so.
    All in all, things were looking grim.

    Simon opened his eyes, and looked around. He was oddly dizzy, and, in his tiredness, he wondered why that was the case.

    On sitting up, he noticed that he was most definitely not back in New York. Instead, he was lying against the wall, in a small hollow cave; the ground and walls were rough and rocky, but he couldn't make out much else as it was dark. When he was twelve, he'd had a sudden urge to learn astronomy, and tried to learn the star positions that could help him judge the time. This skill now became very useful, as his watch had stopped. With a glance at the night sky, Simon quickly learnt that it was around five in the morning, close to sunrise.

    Simon stepped out of the cave, emerging on a large ledge. A foot or two below him was something that no one in their right minds would call a road; it was more of a roughly hewn, rocky path. It was about twenty feet wide, and to the side ran another path, this one containing several ledges and tall grass, a rich green in colour. The two were separated by a gushing river. On seeing the gentle slope of the land, he assumed he was on or near a mountain. A sign nearby informed him that he was on 'Route 45'. Wasn't that in Connecticut? Did Connecticut have mountains? And where were Clary, Jace and everyone else? Jordan and Isabelle had been there as well, he guessed, and he could remember seeing Maia at the place he'd so rashly stepped through the colourless Portal. That would leave Luke, Jocelyn and Alec back in New York.

    "Bloodsucker." A familiar voice called to him from the path below; Jace was leaning smugly against the wall, and next to him were Clary and Maia. "Care to join us?"
    Simon jumped the ledge, landing, a little harshly, on Route 45. "You guys figure out where we are right now?"

    "No," a voice informed Simon. Jordan was there as well, sitting on a large rock to the side. "And we still haven't found Isabelle."

    "I told you," Clary said, exasperated. "I saw her walk into the city."

    "Isabelle wouldn't leave just like that," argued Jace.

    "Wait a minute," Simon interrupted. "The city?"

    Jordan pointed, and Simon saw that, further up the river, there was a bridge connecting the two roads. A little further was another bridge, this one leading over the river straight into a clear plain. Most of the view was obscured, but Simon could see two thick, woody saplings planted facing each other horizontally. Almost like guards. He moved forward to get a good view, and glimpsed a signboard with two arrows, one pointing towards him saying "Route 45", the other pointing towards the saplings, showing the way to "Blackthorn City".

    "I guess we should -" Jordan began, but nobody heard what Jordan guessed they should do, because at that moment, a sea monster, apparently not understanding that it should be in thesea and not the river, burst out of the river with a fierce, vengeful, and excessively violent roar.

    It was twenty feet long, and sky-blue in colour. Its gaping mouth bore two fangs on top and bottom lips each, and two white whiskers trailed from under its head. Four fins ran down its back, and as it twisted its head, Jace caught sight of two fan-like fins on the sides of its head. White scales shone down the length of its serpentine body, and when it rose, water dripping off its gleaming body, he saw its underside was tan.

    While the others either stood shocked, or cowered under the serpentine beast's glare, Jace's reaction was, unsurprisingly, to reach for a weapon. He pulled out a dull tube-like object - the pre-named form of an angel blade - naming it ("Sanvi!"), and stabbed at the sea monster with it - only to suddenly realise that it hadn't activated. The dragon-like creature generated a ball of glowing fire in its mouth, and let it loose at Jace. Following his instincts, the teen dove into the water. This was, unfortunately, a bad idea, as he suddenly realised that he was in the dragon's element. Aforementioned dragon was none too pleased that its foe had intruded upon its territory, and spat another ball of fire. Luckily for Jace, the dragon was also extremely stupid, and seemed surprised when the flaming sphere was extinguished as soon as it struck the surface of the river.

    Jace swam up to its back, and attempted, once more to name the blade. This time, he shouted, "Cassiel!" However, the result was the same: the angel blade refused to transform into a glowing dagger. This also had the side-effect of the dragon swinging up its tail, slamming Jace back in to the water. It leaned in for the kill ...


    The dragon raised its head, and, to the disbelief of everyone present, vanished in a burst of bright light. Jace, dazed from the dragon's attack and struggling for breath, had to be pulled out of the water by Clary. Swiftly, he leaned over and spat a mouthful of river water back into the river.

    "Sorry about that," a voice echoed from the river, and a woman strode through the darkness to stand in front of Jace and the group. She was petite, but her height was boosted by a pair of knee-length blue boots which also functioned as high heels. She was dressed in a tight light-blue sleeveless spandex dress, which ended above her thighs. Her gloves were leather, and blue in colour as well. To top off the colour scheme, her hair, too, was the unlikely colour of a clear summer sky, and flowed in a ponytail that reached her waist. In fact, the only non-blue thing she was wearing was a black cape, just as outlandish as the rest of her outfit. Her age was hard to judge, but she looked young, probably in her late teens or early twenties.

    "I'm so sorry about Gyarados," she apologised to Jace. "She can get very temperamental at times."

    "Temperamental?" Clary flared up. "Your pet dragon almost ate my - friend!" The subtle pause between her last two words was not lost on Jace.

    The stranger ignored her, continuing speaking to Jace. "Are you alright?"

    Jace followed the ageless practice of answering a question with a question. Or, more accurately, three questions. "Who are you, how did you tame a dragon, and why isn't it extinct?" he snarled.

    "I'm Clair," replied Clair, not seeming insulted and ignoring his other questions. "Come on. We need to get you to a Pokemon Centre -"

    "A where?"

    "A Pokemon Centre," Clair repated patiently. "So that you can get healed." She hauled him up with a fireman's throw, and began walking towards the city. Jace noticed that, despite his weight and her heels, her pace was only slowed a little. Clary strode alongside him, peppering Clair with questions that remained unanswered. Jace heard Simon say, "I like this woman," and Maia muttering, "At this rate, vampire, you'll end up a cross between the Cullens and Casanova."

    A/N: * According to the books, Maryse is pronounced May-riss, but I prefer Murr-ees. You're welcome to pronounce it however you like.
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    Pokemon + The Mortal Instruments

    ~ Chapter Two ~
    City of Dragons, Part II

    "Uhh ..."

    Jace's eyes blinked open. Beyond a veil of fog, he could distantly see that he was lying down on what seemed like a hospital bed. At the end of it stood two people. One was Clary and the other was the blue-haired woman ... hadn't she said her name was Clair, or something like that? In his dazed state, Jaze thought, Clair and Clary, Clary and Clair, Clarissa Clair Clary cocoa ... Ugh, the dragon fried my brain cells. Then his mind jolted, and the fog lifted. Dragon? I fought a ... a dragon? A sea monster dragon ... But dragons are extinct and sea monsters don't exist ... What?
    His body shocked itself awake, and Jace woke up - for real.

    "Oh good, you're alright," Clair said. She sounded oddly perturbed - a few seconds later, she marched away.

    Now that he could see more clearly, Jace made out Simon and Isabelle asleep on a couch, and a woman dressed like a nurse, who, for some reason, had curly pink hair. Pink hair? And where did Isabelle come from?

    Clary had moved up to by his side. "Hey," she greeted him softly. "You look pretty good. For someone who got attacked by that ... thing."

    "So many questions," Jace thought aloud.

    "Clair'll be back soon to answer your questions. Apparently, we're," she hesitated, "in another world."

    "I guessed that much," Jace joked. "What with all the crazy hair colours and sea dragons."
    "Yeah, apparently, hair is kinda weird here," Clary explained. "There's people with green hair, and purple hair, and all sorts of hair. And the dragon was called a Gyarados."

    "Gya-ruh-dos." Jace tested the word in his mouth. It felt odd. "So they don't have demons and Downworlders and Nephilim here. They have Gyaradoses."

    "I think it's Gyarados in plural too," Clary corrected. "And yeah, they have Gyarados. But that's not the half of it."

    At that moment, a tall, imposing-looking man barged in. What Jace noticed first was not his outlandish dark blue leather outfit, nor the flowing black-and-red cape behind him. It was his hair. It was in long spikes, and red as the rising sun, creating a striking flame-like effect, as though the man's head was on fire. Jace made a mental note to get Clary to draw this man's hair for her later.

    The man, who looked like he was around twenty-five or, at the most, thirty, looked over Jace impassively, and then Clair appeared through the door as well. "Goddamn, Lance, get out," she cried. "He needs -" Her voice died in her throat as the newcomer, Lance, turned to give her an odd look. When he spoke, his voice was quiet, but powerful - the voice of a charismstic leader. "Really, little cousin," Lance chuckled. "You should keep your crushes from this dimension."

    Cousin?, Jace wondered. At least that explains the hair. Must be a family trait.

    "He's not -" Clair began to say something, but thought better of it and remained silent. Lance turned back to Jace and said gently, "I'm sorry about Clair. She's a little reckless, and she should have informed me immediately on finding you, not the morning after you survived Gyarados' attack. Which reminds me." Lance turned back to Clair, and fixed her with a stern gaze. "If you cannot keep your Pokemon under control, I will have to discipline you. You know Gyarados gets territorial. You should have left her loose only in the Den, if you let her loose at all. At least there Grandfather could keep an eye on her."

    "Yes, Lance," Clair said sulkily.

    "Now," Lance turned back to Jace. "Where were we?"

    "What the hell is a Gyarados anyway? And where am I?" Jace demanded.

    Lance sighed. "I see you're well enough to ask questions. Come on, out of bed - let's get you some breakfast, and then your questions will be answered."

    The 'hospital', where Jace had been staying, turned out to be a 'Pokemon Centre'. When Jace asked Lance what a Pokemon was, the man frowned and said, "All in good time."

    From the Centre, the two walked down a block to a small pub where Jace had breakfast. Several pancakes later, Lance bundled Jace into a taxi. As they drove, Jace figured out that Blackthorn City, where he was right now, was small and picturesque, a sort of mountain retreat. However, it didn't seem very resort-like.

    Lance interrupted Jace's ruminations. "This is going to be a good half hour long drive, so I might as well get started on the explanations. Your friends Clary and Simon explained to Clair that you came from a world where demons and demon-hunters walked alongside fantastic beings - angels, werewolves, and warlocks and the like. Naturally, she didn't believe them. Rather, she thought they were quite insane. So she called me, and told me the story. I was interested, to say the least, and so I came down here to speak to you personally."

    "You'd believe me if I told you I was a Shadowhunter?" Jace said, a little sarcastically.

    Lance smiled: a wry, small smile, a smile that said, I have seen things that would make you very, very afraid. It was a smile Jace knew; he himself had smiled the same way at anyone he wanted to intimidate. "No less fantastic than a ten-year-old child bringing down a criminal empire nearly single-handedly. Which, in fact, did happen. I know, because I have met the ten-year-old in question."

    "This world seems a lot nicer than ours," Jace remarked. "In New York, where I come from, a ten-year-old bringing down a criminal empire would be shot or run over by a car, or be the victim of a mysterious accident ... and so on."

    "Here, it's much different," Lance said. "Our world is at peace with itself, except for the occasional case of fanatical eco-terrorists trying to take over the world or megalomaniacs attempting to remake it in their image."

    "I take it back. Your world is downright crazy."

    Lance continued. "Our world is filled with beings known as Pokemon. Their origin nobody knows of, but they've been around for centuries, and they are similar to everyday objects and animals, but living, thinking beings. Pokemon are classified on the basis of species, of which approximately 650 are known as of now. Gyarados, as you have met, is one such species. Pokemon can be upto two of seventeen different elemental types, and can use several different types of techniques in battle or to aid humans. The former is set for each species of Pokemon but the latter is variable. For example, all Gyarados are of the Water and Flying types, but not all may know the move Dragon Rage; which incidentally, was the spitting-fire move."

    "I see."

    "And finally, Pokemon have the ability to change when certain conditions are fulfilled. This ability is called evolution, but takes place within a matter of seconds. Many Pokemon evolve when they reach a certain level of strength, some evolve in the vicinity of a certian location and some evolve when specific items are given to them. In our world, people known as trainers capture Pokemon with devices called PokeBalls, and battle other trainers using their Pokemon. Trainers often journey around their country. In most countries the government authorises a Pokemon League. The League sets up areas called Gyms in some cities and towns, headed by powerful trainers called Gym Leaders. Trainers battle Leaders to get symbolic badges. Once they have eight badges, they participate in the Pokemon League tournaments. Clair is one such Leader."

    "And what about you?"

    Lance seemed a little surprised at the question. "I was the Blackthorn Gym's Leader a few years ago, but trainers began to complain that I was far too strong to defeat, and so, the League, er, transferred me. So to speak. Anyway, every year, the Pokemon League tournament is held in a certain location in the region. In the Johto region, where we are now, we share our Pokemon League tournament with the Kanto region. The reasons are political, but the fact is, every year, fifty trainers are selected to participate in the League tournament. Once it comes down to just two trainers through a process of elimination via Pokemon battles, these two trainers qualify to the third level of the League, after Gym Leaders and the tournament entrants. The third level is a set of four trainers who are the very best, the pinnacle of the country's League. The Elite Four. Both trainers are given the chance to battle the Elites in a series of consecutive battles. The trainer who wins is given a trophy - or even trainers, for there have been two or three occasions both trainers defeat the Elites. But more often than not, neither one wins, and the trophy gathers dust until someone really powerful comes along." He gave a little sigh.

    "Then who are you?" Jace asked.

    "Me?" Lance sounded amused at the question. The taxi drew to a stop outside a building that looked like a small, but imposing, stone castle. A sign by it read, 'BLACKTHORN CITY POKEMON GYM - OFFICIALLY APPROVED BY THE POKEMON LEAGUE OF JOHTO'.

    Lance stepped outside, and Jace with him. Lance turned to face Jace, rather than the Blackthorn Gym. "I am Lance Blackthorn. Son of former Mayor Lucius Blackthorn. Grandson of the Elder of the Dragon's Den. Descendant of Blackthorne the First, founder of this hallowed city. Dragon Master of the Pokemon League. Former Gym Leader and former Elite Four member. And the current President of the Pokemon League. I am the Champion." With a devilish grin, he asked, "That answer your question?"

    Jace was not impressed by the speech. Well, maybe a little.

    Taking Jace's stony silence as a yes, Lance strode into the Gym, followed by Jace. The inside was larger than it should have been: it held a large pit of lava, shaped like a curving 'S', or perhaps a serpentine dragon. A small bridge connected the lava to a floating arena, a large rectangular slab of rock that shouldn't have floated but did. On the short sides of the arena were bleachers. Clary, Simon, Isabelle, Maia and Jordan sat on the bleachers, while Clair stood on the far side of the arena.

    Remembering what Lance had said, Jace asked, "You're going to make me battle Clair?"

    Lance's lip curled into a smile. It was the same smile he'd given Jace about half an hour ago, when Jace asked him if he'd believe that he was a Shadowhunter. "Of course not, you don't have any Pokemon." He gestured at the bleachers. "Go join your friends. Today ..." Lance's smile became sharp and dangerous. Now it said, I am something that will make you very, very afraid.

    "Today, I'll be battling."
    Shoot Confirmed.

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