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    Default Pokemon N64 Games Question

    Hi I never got to enjoy the Pokemon games on the N64 I always wanted to but I never got to now I can buy them and I have Pokemon Stadium game mint in box with Transfer Pak, coming, I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy them for the first time of my life...

    ...but I need some help as I never was an N64 user before so what is all needed to play Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 and Snap, Is it just the N64 machine and controller, Transfer Pak and Pokemon games I need?

    As I have not got a N64 yet.

    How do they save? Do I need a Controller Pak? Or do they save on their own Cartridge or Transfer Pak?

    Or do they need Expansion Pak? or
    Jumper Pak?

    Or anything I missed?

    Please help, as this would help others in my position to.
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