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Thread: Nickname your pokémon?

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    Yes, almost all my pokes are nicknamed.

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    Back in the days of Gen III, I used to nickname Pokemon.
    I don't any more though. I just think it makes them seem weird with a nickname. Once I named a Female Mr. Mime Mrs. Mime

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    I usually give them nicknames to feel some bond. x:
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    My Butterfree 'Butters', my Staryu 'Ronny' and my Mr.Mime 'Chris' are some of my favs.
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    I do nickname my Pokémon 8D
    Here are some nicknames I remember:
    Mr.108: Spiritomb (108 spirits, 108 base defenses, etc)
    Amber: shiny Raichu (The word electricity derived from the greek word for amber, elektron.)
    Voltrgeist: Rotom (A poltergeist is a spirit that makes noises and moves objects.)
    Yomiel: Chandelure (Ghost Trick reference. There is not really a reason for this name, it just seemed to fit)
    Inti: Volcarona (Incan sun god, not very original)

    Also, I'm looking for a nickname for a (future) shiny Garchomp. Maybe I'll just stick with Squalo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) 8D
    Oh, I also need one for a shiny female Bibarel.
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    My fav nicknamed poke is my Growlithe she is called Laura.

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    I caught a Larvitar on Mt. Silver last thursday. Nicknamed it T-103 and sent it to Black 2 where it evolved into Tyranitar. T-103 is the codename for a B.O.W. in the Resident Evil series.

    I also caught a shiny Buneary in Castelia City yesterday. It is pink and a male, so i called him Pink Daddy. Yes, that's a reference to a homosexual person, just a joke i thought was funny.

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    I love nicknaming Pokemon :P Here is some I named:

    Stoutland - NaughtyDog (After the video game developer)
    Unfezant - Domino (Referring to its domino-like face)
    Marowak - Lavender (After Lavender Town)
    Mienshao - Nova (After one of my OC's)
    Sawk - Jay (After one of my OC's again)
    Tympole - Flipnote (After the video game Flipnote Studio)
    Emboar - Ganon (After the LoZ villain even though I never played LoZ :P)
    Honchkrow - Donna (After the word don, which is often used as a title for mafia leaders)
    Carracosta - Leonardo (After the TMNT character)
    Torterra - Tank (After the MLP: FIM character)
    Floatzel - Sony (After another OC of mine... Well, sort of. The OC's name is actually Sonya, but since this Floatzel is male, I went for Sony instead.)

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    I give nicknames to everything I can (unless it came from the Pokéwalker or a similar device).
    One of my personal favorites is a Volcarona I named TROLLARONA because I was irritated with it when I was trying to catch it. It cracks me up whenever I need to use it (mostly for hatching eggs) and whenever I see " What will TROLLARONA do?" because of its nickname.
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    Theme some of mine after Greek gods, such as:

    Kabuto(To be evolved)-Ares

    And some others are just nonsense or life based, such as:
    Houndour-Brandy (Named after my recently passed Dog)
    Cloyster-Big Freeze
    Ursaring-Ursa Major

    And so on. Never used to see the appeal of nicknames, but now they're pretty common with me.
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    I name just about every single Pokemon I actually use. Mostly because I RP a lot, so most of my Pokemon become OCs for RP. <3

    I definitely have too many to give a full list of, but here's some examples.

    Ghost Girl the Umbreon (Named for an old nickname of mine, and because she's a Delta Species. Being half Ghost type, of course. (Sounds a lot more OP than it actually is. XP))
    Pantheris the Raikou (Named for the scientific name of some big cats; Panthera. He's mostly just referred to as Pan, though.)
    Rhythym the Suicune (Because her ribbon tails are like the ribbons used in rhythmic gymnastics. And yes, her name is supposed to be miss-spelled.)
    Physis the Tyranitar (Named after a dinosaur; Coelophysis.)
    Taronga the Typhlosion (Named after the Taronga Zoo in Australia, since that's where me and parents first saw an echidna. XD)
    Insomnia the Noctowl (This one.. I don't think needs too much explaining. I had always wanted a Noctowl named Insomnia, but no matter how many Noctowls or Hoothoots I caught before SoulSilver, none of the ones I named that ever had the Insomnia ability. XD)
    Rust the Umbreon (Ghost's son in RP, he was named Rust because it made some odd sense since his mom is Ghost, while his dad is Ironskull. XD)
    Quinn the Entei (Not much of a reason for him, actually. I think my mom suggested the name because there was a character with the name in a book she was reading at the time.)
    Ravi the Murkrow (Sort of obvious. Ravi sounds a lot like raven. *Shrugs*)
    Luna the Cresselia (Okay this one is cliche but in RP she's the adopted daughter of two characters who aren't the best at coming up with names. XD And no she is NOT named after Princess Luna. >:C)

    Lyell the Samurott (...Okay I admit I don't even remember why he was named this.)
    Maya the Chandelure (Okay again just a random name. XD)
    Felicity the Whimsicott (Aaand another just random name. Ha.)
    Tuari the Shiny Braviary (Finally a name that has a reason. If I remember correctly, the name means 'young eagle' in some Native American language. Yup.)
    Stormie the Mienshao (This is an odd name, as it was originally just a nickname for her original name. Her name was supposed to be Brainstorm, a long long time ago, being based on the fact that it made some sort of weird sense to me because in my mind, Mienshao was a Fighting type who looked a LOT like a Psychic type. ...Yeah. Either way, she's just Stormie now.)
    Antares the Espeon (Oh jeez I seriously cannot remember the meaning of this name, but I swear it had something to do with the sun? Don't quote me on that. I'm probably wrong.)
    Saskia the Dragonite (Named after a character from the game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. In the game, Saskia is introduced as a peasant girl-turned warrior who has taken up arms against a king, leading the non-humans (dwarves and elves) against him in war. And although you only find out in one storyline path, she is actually a dragon who has taken mortal form. She's one of my favourite characters from the game, so I figured I'd name the Dragonite I had been planning on using after her.)
    Baine the Reshiram (I'm fairly sure I named him this because the name meant white. Or something like that. Again, don't quote me on it. XD)

    The only Pokemon I actively use that I never nicknamed are the Legendary Musketeers, since I figured that the concept of nicknaming seemed like something that was too connected to humans for a group of Legendary who supposedly hate humans. Granted, the four were originally supposed to be one-off RP characters for me, and I never expected them to become such well-loved characters and Pokemon for me. XD Either way, they're the only Pokemon I use that retain their species names.
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