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    Default The Game Show Club, Version 2.0

    ...let's try this again.

    For posterity, the original version.

    Rules will remain pretty much the same from the old version.

    And here they are:

    1. All main forum rules, including club forum rules, apply.
    2. Please try not to insult a bad contestant, bad format, etc.
    3. I will allow thoughts, whether positive or negative, to be given on various shows; just try not to go overboard; see rule 2.
    4. Try to keep text legible. It helps if we can make sense of what you're saying.
    5. Keep discussion related to game shows, although since reality shows are in effect a subgenre of game shows, I will tolerate discussion about those.
    6. If you are going to talk about a BIG event in a game show that has not occured yet (e.g. somebody wins a million dollars/pounds/euros/whatever), PLEASE use spoilers. Some of us would prefer not to have the fun ruined.


    Please fill out the form below if you would like to join the club:

    Favorite game show/why?: I honestly think a good sentence or two explaining why you like a given show should suffice.
    Favorite host/why?: Same as above.

    The founder of this club reserves the right to change these rules and the joining form as necessary.


    We all break rules sometimes, but they can't always go unpunished. Thus, I bring you whammies (no points for guessing where that term came from). Break a rule, and you get one whammy. This can vary based on the rule broken.

    Here is how the whammies work:

    1 Whammy: Warning
    2 Whammies: 2 day Ban from Club
    3 Whammies: 1 Week Ban
    4 Whammies: Fortnight (2 week) Ban
    5 Whammies: 1 Month Ban
    6 Whammies: 2 Month Ban
    7 Whammies: Permaban

    (I may try to simplify this sometime in the future down to a 4 whammy system.)

    I will also post game show news as it comes up, and these can be used as grounds for discussion.

    The first topic of discussion will be located in the first or second post in this thread after it gets approved.

    And yes, we still have this:


    You may now claim your favorite game show.

    1. Only one person may claim a show at any given time.
    2. You must wait 15 days to change your claim.
    3. The claim form is as follows:



    Ansem the wise - Family Feud - 11-6-12


    Doctor Who (leader)
    Ansem the wise
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