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Thread: Nintendo Wifi problems - is it now impossible for me to connect?

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    Default Nintendo Wifi problems - is it now impossible for me to connect?

    Hi guys, so I spent all day yesterday trying to connect my white 2 to wifi so i could download the Keldeo mystery gift, but I'm having so many problems.

    I had a nintendo wifi usb before, but it stopped working. Usually when this happened I would simply reinstall and it would work -- however this time it did not. I know it is stated that windows 7 may not be compatible, but it has always worked before.

    So anyways, like I said, I try to reinstall. computer won't start up the installation cd of the wifi usb. It simply doesn't recognize that anything is in the C: drive at all. Instead, I was forced to download the installation software from the nintendo website -- it all works smoothly until halfway through it comes up with the message 'Internet Connection Sharing Error' and when I click ok, the entire installation stops. I can't get past this stage at all -- I have tried many things that people have suggested on other online forums, but alas.

    I tried, then, to try it on my laptop (which is also, unfortunately windows 7). This time it recognized the installation cd. Everything was going fine until it asks me to insert the wifi usb. I do, and then it gets to 'setting up internet connection settings' and bam, it comes up with the error 'Please insert the usb' even though it is already inserted. When I click ok it then stops the entire installation program with 'application error'. I can't get past that stage.

    So by now I've realized maybe it is the whole compatibility thing...fair enough.

    Let's just try to connect to my wireless wifi!

    Nope. Either it cannot find an access point or, when it does and I click on my wifi, it says that the security settings of the router are not compatible. Apparently you need to change it to WEP? I am currently running on WPA/WLAN (I don't know which, that's all it says on the router). So how do I change this? I've gone into all my settings and cannot find a way to change the encryption to WEP -- there simply is no option in the drop down. I've gone onto my router's ip on my browser as well, and no options there.

    Am I doomed to just never get on wifi again? This is really annoying me, I can't seem to find a solution to any of these problems, whether it be the usb, wifi or my router!

    If anyone has ever experienced this, I would greatly appreciate any help or advice Thank you.

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    I've gotten an wifi-usb thing, it only works in 32 bit versions of windows for the following versions: XP, Vista (Official support). Windows 7 however will work if you're running a 32 bit version of the operating system and when using vista drivers. Anyway to come back on the usage of the stick. I've recently meddled around with the stick and can't help but to say that due to the discontinuation of the product any support will be poor at best from nintendo's side.

    For your router, it should be able to run WEP encryption. I've never seen a router which isn't capable of doing so. When you went to your router's IP, did you login with the admin so you could change everything in the router? Also is the router by any chance provided by your ISP? (Internet Service Provider, the company which provides you the internet)

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