Well, there's always a chance for another popularity poll. Unless that was a one time deal or something....

Also, to contribute to the thread: about Giovanni's relationship with Silver, I can only see this ending in three ways:

1. Giovanni decides to go solo/go into hiding like he did during the Celebi event in HGSS, abandoning Silver to live his life free from his and Team Rocket's influence.

2. Giovanni reunites with Silver (maybe a few manly tears or a fatherly hug sprinkled in there), and he and his son get a Happily Ever After ending.

3. Giovanni is arrested, but doesn't resist and reassures Silver that it's for the best and that he'll change his ways once he's done his time.

And considering that there's most likely not going to be another GSC remake in the future (which means we won't be seeing Giovanni or the GSC trio anytime soon), I want #2 to happen. No matter how cheesy it could get, I don't care, I want it to happen.