So, I put the SD Card that came with my 3DS into my laptop to import some photos. I've done this multiple times before and it worked fine, but now my laptop is telling me I need to format it before it can be viewed, and then goes on to inform me that reformatting will erase all of the data. When I put the SD Card into my 3DS, it tells me that the SD Card isn't recognized and doesn't load up anything. Nintendo tells me that it needs to be formatted as FAT 16, but of course my laptop won't offer me the option to format it to that when I load it up.

Put more simply, my SD Card won't work on either my 3DS or my laptop, and needs to be reformatted (which would delete all of the data), but can't be reformatted to the format it needs to be in.

How f*cked am I? Is there any way at all to retrieve the data on my SD Card?