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    Default Silver Fan Club

    credit to epicjirachifan for the banner!
    Welcome to the Silver fan club!
    This club is for anything and everything about silver, our favorite dark, redhead with shining silver eyes. If you like / love Silver this is the place to be! talk about anything Silver related in his manga or game counterparts. Make fanart and/or show your love for Silver here!
    on to the serious stuff heres the rules
    follow all sspf rules -you should know these
    members only - unless your a member please dont post unless its your application its not that hard
    must be a silver fan-this club was made for silver fans if you dont like him then please leave.
    be appropiate-please nothing disgusting or innapropriate
    no silver creepypasta-theres a reason its called creepypasta and some members may not want to read / see it including myself
    be kind to all members-if you have a problem with a member please pm me and we will discuss it
    no flaming or trolling-please try to stay on topic
    dont bash other charachters-its just not nice and what if someone in this club also likes that charachter. plus its just down right not nice.
    try to be active-at least post once every 3 weeks if not ill have to kick you out for not participating in the club
    new members-post application here. you can pm/vm me if you want also do that if you think i missed your post but thats not for a while

    breaking any of these rules results in a strike
    strike 1-warning
    strike 2-2 week ban
    strike 3- perma ban

        Spoiler:- strikes:


    why you like silver:
    how you became a silver fan:
    who recomended you(if any):

        Spoiler:- silver fans:

    feel free to use these in your sig (with credit of course). and post some here for us to use

        Spoiler:- userbars and banners:
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    banner made by Lucina Archealis (I don't think I spelt that right OTL)
    ^U^ I LOVE Crona from soul eater!
    owner of the silver fan club
    VM me and such if you wanna play some SSBB! im always up for a challange!

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