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Thread: Christmas Thread

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    Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this! ^.^

    For Christmas Eve we went to a cousin's house. We ate food, played a bit, went outside to view people's Christmas decorations, opened presents from my cousins, and whacked a pinata! We didn't get home until 3:00 in the morning. I got more presents this morning.
    -An Angry Birds plush and an angry birds pencil top (Which I received from my cousin)
    -A tablet (From my dad)
    -A plush of Kirby (from my older brother) having a bit of nostalgia from me playing Kirby's Adventure and Kirby Super Star when I was young.
    -And 30 dollars from my aunt

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    Hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday!

    Just did present opening at my house. I got:

    Pajama pants
    Winter Survival kit for my Car
    License frame for my License plate
    100 dollars in cash
    $50 gift card to Amazon (yes!)
    $25 Visa gift card
    $50 Visa gift card
    Tickets and VIP passes to see Lindsey Stirling in concert next March! (I got this a few days earlier from my Nana; and we're going together)

    Now, I gotta head out to work in a few hours, fun..., then sometime go to my Dad's family side and open presents at my Nana's house. Either late tonight or tomorrow. Oye.

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    Let me see what I got

    -$80 Dollars
    -Scribblenauts Unlimited
    -Paper Mario: Sticker Star (I already have it)
    -A bunch of Anime
    -Disgaea 2: Dark hero Days
    -A bunch of food
    -Mushroom growing Kit and Mini Herb Garden


    I still have my dad's house. I'm still hoping for that Wii U Deluxe Kit

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    I got a Wii-U Deluxe Set
    Pokemon Trading Cards
    A GameStop Gift Card
    Some Candy

    I'm content with what I got. Now if I could only get this Wii-U update working. :/

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    I stayed at home with my family c:

    I got
    - A Kobo Touch (E-Reader, similar to the Kindle for you Americans)
    - Three Radiohead Cds (OK Computer, Pablo Honey, Kid A)
    - A Nirvana Hoodie
    - A Christmas Sweater
    - Tons of Candy
    - Pokemon Card Tin (Serperior tin)
    - Xbox Points (1400)
    - A Big Bang Theory Poster

    I'm pretty happy with what I got! We're heading to my grandma's later and she kind of already told me what I got (Xbox Live year Membership, mine expired like a month ago)

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    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    I'd have had a great hull this year, what with some pokemon, new video games, hockey stuff, new fuzzy pjs etc.

    But my WiiU isn't working. And Nintendo's hotline is closed for the day. Nothing seems to work.

    Alas, just means I have to wait a little while to play it, oh well. My family liked their gifts, and my best bud came to visit, so besides that it's been a good christmas so far.

    Have a great day everyone!!
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    I got $50 dollars, a Nikon Coolpix S3300, and chocolates, along with a coffee mug from my grandparents.


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    Merry Christmas everyone (:

    I got:
    - A new phone case
    - A iPod Touch
    - 65 dollars in iTunes gift card
    - Two pairs of pants and a blue sweatshirt
    - A case for my iPad
    - Chocolate
    - And a nasty hangover from last night

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    I got:

    16 GB White Ipod Touch
    Pokemon White 2
    Pokemon TCG Next Destinies Reshiram Theme Deck
    2 Booster Packs
    2 Promo Card Packs
    Chocolates (Heroes/Minstrels/Mini Fingers/Selection Box)
    Two shirts

    and a couple of other little things. I did quite well!

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    2 T-shirts
    Jeans that didn't fit
    Dress pants
    Ipad Mini 32GB (I paid for half of it)

    And the rest I'm getting on Saturday when the other side of the family visits.
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    I got Dokapon Kingdom for PS2, a wool hat for winter, a calendar, a keychain and some money. A whole lot more than I was expecting.

    I am so psyched about Dokapon Kingdom, great game. The money is incredibly useful too, It should hopefully last until my birthday.

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    Merry Christmas To Everyone.

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    I got so much candy, dear god. D:

    And gift cards! So many, many gift cards! I'm quite pleased with my Christmas. :)

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    I wish everyone here a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a happy New Year!
    Quote Originally Posted by Doux View Post
    I got so much candy, dear god. D:
    My mother got my brother and I huge bags of M&Ms for us to share with her and my brother's father (my brother's father is not mine for reasons I do not wish to name), and I fear that if I eat any more M&Ms I will get sick. At least I brushed my teeth today.
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    I had a good year. A friend sent me a couple awesome nerdy shirts. My parents got me a Cubs Jersey and a cooking utensil I've been looking for. My rabbits got a lot of toys and treats, which they love.

    When I get home later in the week I'm planning on buying myself a new TV (and hopefully an Apple TV as well).

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    I'm so happy, i got fruit mentos in my stocking and my sister gave me hers. I LOVE fruit mentos. *U*
    alright, onto what i got. i got everything i wanted and more.
    *New shirts
    *Nintendo 3DS XL
    *Newton's Cradle (the desk toy, shown here)
    *Two video games
    *and a giant stuffed red dragon. His name is Arthur. xD
    So yeah, that's pretty much what i got, Merry Christmas everybody! ~

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    I got a...

    ~ Futon
    ~ TV
    ~ Snowglobe
    ~ Necklace
    ~ Notre Dame de Paris DVD (It's a musical)
    ~ More pet rats
    ~ And a ticket to see The Who next year. Heck yes.
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    Merry Christmas everyone! I got a tablet from my parents, and my boyfriend bought me White 2 (specifically from Wal-Mart, since it had the codes for one of the Sinnoh starters with their hidden ability).

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    Merry christmas everyone (even though it's the 26th her enow)

    Well I got
    - a shuriken with knives you can click out
    - a double ball flail
    - cinema tickets
    - money

    And I'm probably gonna get a plushie of Remilia Scarlet from the Touhou series, but the person who's gonna give it still has to order it from the japanese online store. And she's not really familiar with stuff like that but it'll work out~

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    christmas ended about 14 hours ago but all i got is an iphone from mom yay and more clothes, thats it, nya~
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    I finally got my own shaver and bike.

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    Merry Chirstmas everyone!

    Heres what I got for christmas

    -A Squirtle dog tag

    -A Dragon rage shirt (pokemon)

    -Pokemon channel (New)

    -Pokemon Adventures Vol.5

    -Borderlands 2

    -New phone

    -Mario Pj's

    -Garfields 45th book

    -some pants

    -A Wii glowmote

    -Paper mario sticker star

    -and a shaymin watch
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    Well, Merry Christmas to you guys!

    Honestly, I feel like it's actually a big waste really to celebrate Christmas only on one day (i.e Dec. 25, Yesterday) so for us here, we continue celebrating it 'till the new year. Dunno about you guys though. Last night, I was at a Christmas party with my relatives and wow, it's quite fun really. And I ate a lot yesterday too!

    What I got for Christmas was mostly new clothes. In fact, that's what I wanted, new clothes. At least I don't need to wear some of my old clothes though but I think I'll be getting more presents and money in the next few days so fingers crossed here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drake Pokétrainer View Post
    Well I got
    - a shuriken with knives you can click out

    Anyhoo, most of my brothers got video games this year. We got Mario Party 9, which is pretty interesting to say the least, my little brother got Super Mario Galaxy, and he says it's pretty cool. We also got Kirby's Return to Dreamland, but we haven't played it yet. Meanwhile, one of the twins got The Last Story, which he's playing through right now. One of my other little brothers got a child's archery set, and he's been playing with that all day. He got the hang of it very quickly. There were a few others, but I can't remember them at the moment.

    Well, here's my list aside from the Higurashi manga:

    - Pokémon White (yup, my boycott's over)
    - Studio Ghibli's Tale of Earthsea
    - Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle
    - Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack (squee!)
    - new alarm clock
    - It Happened One Night

    For the last few years, all the kids have gotten six presents each, but it was still a good Christmas. My parents didn't get anything, though, and I thought Brave was going to be for my mom, not my brother like I told Dad. Well... actually, I think Mom's Christmas gift was going to see Les Misérables. I didn't go like I said because I wasn't feeling too great.

    So yeah. Last Christmas as a complete family before the twins head off for their missions who-knows-when next year. It's going to be pretty lonely/boring for two whole years for sure. At least I got the middle brother to hang around with when I'm home.
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    Well I already said my main three presents, so here's what else I racked in:

    -$140 iTunes gift cards
    -$150 gamestop gift cards
    -many clothes

    and more stuff, along with getting to see my great family!
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