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Thread: Embarrassing things that you have seen/done.

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    one time my school had a pep rally where juniors/seniors on one side and freshman/sophomore on the other. Unknowingly i went to the sophomore side thinking it was freshman and while going up the bleachers i tripped. Not too many people saw it though. plus i found out i was on the wrong side but luckily most of my friends weren't even on the freshman side so i had some peeps to talk to during the rally =P
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    A holocaust survivor came to our school and pretty much gave us her whole life story. Then, at the end when everyone was asking questions, some kid asked her if she was Jewish.
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    One time in school, I wanted to cough but I burped at the same time.
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    Embarassing things always happen to me. One that stands out in my mind that I will never forget is when I was starving one day at work and a man we approached me smelling like vanilla for some reason when the words: "You smell yummy" slipped out...not the most embarrassing thing, but one of my favorites.

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    Two embarrassing things that have happened to me.

    • One time I needed to use the restroom (to go number 2) in McDonald's, I just rushed in, and didn't realized I entered the Women's restroom instead of the Men's. Luckily no one entered. I exited, someone saw me, another guy getting ready to order food. I turned bright red with embarrassment.

    • While driving, I turned accidently the wrong way on a one-way street. Luckily for me I know the streets, so I just turned onto a nearby alley. Most embarrassing was that my grandma was in the car.
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    My most epicily embarrassing thing was falling down the stairs. The only injury i got was breaking my second smallest toe. Another thing is is that i trip when i wear my nikes. And people always tease me for that. Guess my feet are to big for my body
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    Tripping in public. We all experienced this sometime, right?

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    Someone used the G/S/C champion theme as backgroundmusic
    And I was like: ****K YEAAHH
    I looked really exited and someone sayed: lol pokemon nerd
    Then he told evryone I was a god damn pkmn nerd.. :|
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    i sliped on a patch of ice right in front of the girl i like XD
    in Holland, people cuss with diseases, like cancer but those kind of cuss words are seen as the worst kind... and i used it after i fell flat on my butt... and i am pretty sure she heard me say it.

    i'm so uncool.

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