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Thread: Stewie's Journey- PG13, Family Guy/Pokemon Crossover

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    Default Stewie's Journey- PG13, Family Guy/Pokemon Crossover

    Stewie's Journey- A Pokemon/Family Guy crossover.

    A/N This is a crossover of Pokemon season 1 and Family Guy, also a sort of parody about pokemon hope you enjoy.
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    It was a peaceful saturday morning in the town of Quahog, Rhode Island. The birds were singing, people were slowly waking up, and all was quiet in the world when suddenly.....


    "Stewie what are you doing?"


    "Stewie, please keep it down, I've got a project to do!"


    At this moment a white bipedal talking dog with a rather large nose came by and shut off the TV. At this time, an ugly girl wearing glasses, a red shirt and a cap came down the stairs, visibly incensed at the disturbance of her staturday morning peace.

    "Brian, what's going on here?" Said the girl, whose name was Meg.

    Brian the dog shook his head in exasperation and said, "It all began a few days ago when Peter decided to upgrade our cable service. It was all fine and Dandy especially when it came with free cinemax, oh those girls, I loved them so-"

    "Brian get to the point!"

    "Alright!, So Peter decided to upgrade our cable service to include more channels and one of them turned out to include Japanese Anime with one of the shows being Pokemon. All it took was one episode for stewie to get addicted to the show worse than when Peter got addicted to Crack. He bought the games, the merchandise, note his and Rupert's matching hats, and even the trading cards. I can't believe you didn't notice it sooner Meg. Stewie is completely-OW!, why'd you hit me with a onix figurine?"

    "Because Brian, you have the remote, NOW TIME FOR POKEMON!!"

    "Hehehe Ash, you will never be able to beat my ground type Rhydon with your Electric type Pikachu, prepare to lose!"

    "Never!, So long as I believe in my Pokemon I shall win no matter what!, PIKACHU, AIM FOR THE HORN!!"

    "You did it Ash, your friendship with your Pikachu has allowed you to by bypass the laws of Physics, congratulations, here is the Volcano badge!"


    Brian facepalmed, " Stewie, how can you stand to watch this garbage? it makes no sense and its only purpose is to drain the pockets of millions of gullible children by immersing them in a fantasy socialist utopia where money has no relevance, criminals are jokes, and 10 year old kids can travel the country with no parental supervision!, It's completely unrealistic and should not be getting all the ratings that it gets!"



    "Kindly get that Charizard doll and bring it to me please"

    "Ughh, alright"


    The baby Stewie was very odd in many ways. For one, he was only one year old but could talk like a 40 year old, he also had no sense of conscience and had a head shaped like a football. At the moment he was currently chasing Brian around house wielding the charizard doll that also doubles as a real flamethrower. Meg simply shook her head and went back upstairs. Eventually Brian ducked behind the TV and Stewiw blew it up with the last bit of fuel in the flamethrower. While Stewie had the intelligence of a 40 year old, he was still a baby at heart and all babies did one thing when they broke their favorite toy.

    "WAHH!, WAAH!, I can't take it, Pokemon is my life! I won't be able to live without Ash, Pikachu, Misty, I don't like Brock, Gary, and Charizard among others, WAHHH!!!"

    Now Brian was many things, drunkard, promiscous, and a terrible author being the most prevalent, but he didn't have the heart to punish a crying baby.

    "Hey Stewie is there anything I can do for you?"

    "NO!, You're a meanie and I never want to see your face again!"

    At that Stewie ran upstairs to his room and locked the doors. Then he tossed a voltorb figurine into a Venusaur plushie, unlocking the doors to his secret pokecave. Once inside Stewie ran in and started working, he worked for days without coming out, sending in Robo-Stewie to take care of ordinary things as he built his greatest accomplishment. A device designed to fuse together his world and the world of Pokemon so since he can't watch pokemon, Stewie can now live pokemon. there was only one catch though.

    "So using the memonukemometer 3000 to power this machine seems to work perfectly, except for one thing, mine and everybody in Quahog will have their memories deleted in order for this device to work. Should I do it? Oh yes, now I can convince everyone that Pokemon is awesome, Meg, Peter, Chris, and especially Brian. Alright time to do this! POWER ON!"

    At this point Stewie pressed the button and the two worlds fused with a massive burst of light.

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