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Thread: Stewie's Journey- PG13, Family Guy/Pokemon Crossover

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    Chapter 5- The new world.

    A/N: A short Chapter, but soon we'll be reintroduced to more family guy Characters and start Stewie's first real challenge
    "We're gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!" Screamed both Brian and Stewie as they hugged each other. Brian was crying when he said "Stewie, it wasn't Rupert who ate the last pudding cup in your was me, we're gonna die now so I might as well confess." To which Stewie replied "You bastard! I sentenced Rupert to go without dinner that night!" Afterwards another explosion occured and they merely hugged each other and waited for the worst.



    "I was the one...who gave Bellsprout a taste of the drug...he was so desperate to get into your bottle that I just couldn't bear to see the poor guy suffer!"

    "Well normally I would try to strangle you for that, but since we're going to die I think we can let it slide."

    "Thank you Brian"

    The two closed their eyes and waited for the inevtiable to come until a squeaky, but at the same time bold and assertive spoke out to them. "You know, you can stop hugging each other now. There's a fine line between scared for your life and just plain gay you know." Both of them lept apart in shock as they registered a hooded companion sitting a couple feet off. "We're safe, well safer than where we just were, Oh and by the way you two owe me big time forsaving your lives"

    Dazed, Stewie stood up and took a view of his surroundings. He was sitting on an expandable black disk with a faded green light in the middle. All around him the trees were burned to a black crisp, or rather what trees still remained. The sky was a harsh and hot blue, with the sun beating down mercilessly on the ground. The ground was mostly black from soot and the whole place looked like no one has gone in years. He could see a large gate made out of two large pillars of stone somewhere off in the distance with what appeared to be a section of the forest, untouched by the force that had wiped out the current area of the forest. Stewie took a step to the right and almost fell down into a large hole in the ground, what he saw made him vomit profusely. The reason being all of the bones lying there, ovbivously from less fortunate Humans and Pokemon. Stewie whispered to himself "What happened?"

    "They have achieved VICTORY", said the hooded one. "Their evil plan has suceeded, at least in this time. You see I think I should start from the beginning" At about this time Brian opened his mouth and complained "Is there any place we can go where the sun isn't so hot? I think I'm going to faint from heatstroke." To which Stewie nodded his head in agreement. "Fine, We'll go to the shrine, follow me"

    The 3 set out towards the stone gate in the distance. The hooded guide chatted along " This here is where my mission began, and was supposed to be the end point of my mission while in the past. It is invisible to the unaided eye and through its magical powers has protected a small portion of the forest fom the literal end of the world. Unfortunately no pokemon are still alive in there today. But it at least provides some shade for us to talk in relative comfort. Ahh here we go!" The hooded one walked in front of the gate, flashed some sort of object at the left pillar which glowed with a large X. Then the guide quickly stepped through the gates, leaving behind a large ripple as it vanished from sight.

    "So should we trust him?" Asked Brian, Stewie could only say "Well he's our only chance at getting out of here, or figuring out what went wrong, on 3. 1,2,3!!" The two held hands and rank through the gates. It felt cold, like walking through a waterfall and for a second it seemed the two would be spat out back into the charred remains of the forest. But finally the two broke through to find themselves standing on a small winding path leading downwards into a small hollow guarded by many trees. A small river flowed beside the path. The two quickly ran down and drank as much water as they could possibly consume, then rolled around and had some fun. When they got back to the shore however neither of them could find their belongings. Then Brian noticed a note stuck in the trunk of a tree with a note pinned to it. It read: " Once the two of you are done frolicking and wish to be serious about the situation,I recommend you go to the end of the path"

    By then both were shivering and were all too happy to follow directions. The two walked along the rather short of which dipped down into a small tunnel where they could see light at the end. The two ran into a clearing and saw a sight they never expected to see. The clearing itself was unremarkable, just a ring of trees with a hole in the upper canopy for light to shine down upon. What was remarkable was the giant stone statue that rested in the sunlight. A Gigantic Quadruped with 2 massive horns jutting out with Xs where its pupils should have been. At the foot of the statue sat the hooded one, all the gear carried by Stewie and Brian, and a small fire on which a small self turning spit was roasting some animal. The two quickly got dressed and sat down.

    The fellow began," Now before we begin, I think I should properly introduce myself." Standing up, he cast aside the hood reveal a small bipedal pokemon. With a small helmet that resembled a chestnut, large brown eyes, a round head, and a tan torso with brown arms . Then he said. "it'll take a while for the food to be ready, so until then start listening and listening close. This is not a dream. I am not some evil sorceror who has changed the fabric of time and space to mess with you. Although I will freely admit I am skilled in magic. Mostly in tracking and camoflauge though(Well nowhere near what I would like it to be) I am also very skilled in weaponry. My name is Chespin and I was sent into the past at the request of my Master Xerneas who you can see is right behind me. Now then the purpose of my expedition was twofold. One to find out the disturbance in the spatial fabric, and second to remove the trap set up for my Master by the forces of evil. As you can see I have only managed in accomplishing one of these goals. Now from what I have gathered, a select group of extremely powerful pokemon have seized control of the mind of one of the most powerful people in Kanto during your time. Pewterschimdt. They have then turned his entire company into a single minded entity hell bent on one thing only. To break the dimensions between the worlds and to take control of all of them. We have found out that they've been weakening the borders between the worlds for years now and using certain teleport kits not unlike the one that brought you into this world in an effort to test the waters. Once you sucessfully crossed into this world, The plan had come to fruition. By making the first cut in between the 2 worlds, you allowed them to force their way in through by force. However it was not perfect, as the enormous amount of energy released completely obliterated most of central Kanto and allowed tensions between other regions to rise, each believing another had destroyed their ally. Soon after the entire world was consumed in war and through both thermonuclear weaponry and pokemon, most of the world has gone straight to hell. Right now we're in the year 2113. Me, Fennekin, and Froakie managed to shed our mortal powers in exchange for magic and joined Xerneas as his disciples. In order to free our Master, it will require the strength of all 3 of us. As of now the only way for you to be able to escape this place is to help me. Gather us 3 together and break the curse, and we'll find a way to send you back."

    Brian replied "Don't you have a time machine?"

    "No power, that one stick of uranium powering it was carefully scaveneged over 3 years, we have no more power to activate it. Unless we free Xerneas. So What'll it be?"

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    Awesome chapters dude!

    Loved the bag of weed song, that was a nice addiction haha (see what I did there? no? ok ) and Chespin/Fennekin/Froakie coming from the future is also pretty nice I am also really enjoying the chemistry between Stewie and Brian and this episode really reminded me of the one where they're stuck in that place (dont know the name) and they get drunk and really scared and stuff hahahah

    Nice job

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    When will stewie remember anything?

    Obliterate Brian!
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