So I was writing, and something came into my mind as I was going.

When it comes to stories where the traditional Pokemon formula is featured in at least some regard, of what importance are scenes depicting training? Must these always be depicted fully from beginning to end, or can they be trimmed down?

Now, I'm not suggesting eliminating the element of training, because that is an important part of the context. What I'm talking about is, for example, a scene in which two trainers spar with each other for practice with no significant impact on the plot. Is it necessary to fully depict that entire battle, or can it be cut down to just what needs to be seen?

My thinking personally right now is that it would depend upon the specific instance. If the training was literally just basic warm-up exercises with no larger impact on the plot, it could be trimmed down, but if something important - a new move, an evolution, a new strategy, anything important- happens, it needs to be shown directly.

I want to hear your opinions on this subject. I have a feeling I might not be approaching this in the best way.