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    Ursaring is surely a beast! it has one of the highest attack stats in the game! It has also one of the best abilities in the game under the form of GUTS! A guts boosted attack stat will reach 195 which means ursaring is about to smash opponents one by one. To top it all, ursaring has access to facade a normal type attack that doubles in power if ursaring has a status on it! Let's do some boring math: 70*1.5*2= 210!!! Look at that devastating power! A 210 BP attack coming from a 195 attack stat (with no investment) will surely at least severely damage everything in it's path! One would ask: how could one ever stop this thing and why it is not OU?

    The answer is sadly pretty simple! While ursaring has that monstrous attack, it cannot claim to be one of the best pokemon competitively because of it's other stats. while 90 HP is pretty solid, base 75 on both defenses means that it cannot take too many hits. But, what breaks ursaring the most is that aweful speed that ensure ursaring will take a hit before attacking, and if that hit was super effective or decently strong will surely severely hurt it. Add to that, the damage from the status and the lack of recovery or a priority move and we have a frail very powerful pokemon that has very low chance of attacking several times! Ursaring also suffers from a little predictibility as almost all ursaring will be having guts, flame orb, facade, and protect in the movepool!

    All in all, ursaring needs support to fuction well! Trick room is very important as it will allow it to move first and probably OHKO the opposing pokemon with facade or another move. Double screen also help supporting ursaring by doubling it's defenses making it extremely hard to kill! Under all right circumstances, ursaring will always devastate opponent teams.

    On another note, ursaring has also access to quick feet, a similar ability to guts but boosts speed instead! I don't know why one would use this cause even with a boosted speed ursaring will still be outsped by too many other pokemon and will still be hit by priority attacks especially mach punch and vacuum wave. To top it off, usraring must hold the toxic orb, for the flame orb will ruin ursaring's only usable stat, which means less time on the battlefield.

    Unnerve is pretty useless! maybe just usable against harvest exeggutor or tropius, but still, this is a major loss for ursaring's true potential!

    One the usable movelist:
    -Facade is a must! With this option available, all other normal type attacks pale in comparison.
    -Protect is also a must for ensuring you get the guts boost!
    -Hammer arm is a strong attack which lowers speed. This reduction will not be that bad for ursaring, in fact, it will be great if trick room is up!
    -Superpower is a really strong attack but lowers attack and defense. Better switch out after you attack!
    -Close combat is the same as the above but lowers special defense instead of attack. still better you switch out!
    -Substitute and focus punch is a deadly combination that punishes someone who decides to set up on ursaring! On the negative side, if the opponent decides to attack and end up with less that 25% HP, your ursaring is practically dead!
    -Earthquake is a staple ground type attack that can replace the fighting type attack if you don't like the side effect of the moves. This is a strong, trustworthy and side effect free attack!
    -Shadow claw or night slash will achieve perfect coverage with the other moves by hitting ghost types super effectively that are immune to facade and fighting type attacks as well as earthquake in the case of haunter. They also have a high chance of a critical hit.
    -Stone edge will achieve perfect coverage with earthquake. It also has a high chance of a critical hit which is a great deal against walls! it's only downfall is that 80% accuracy!
    -Crunch is more powerful than shadow claw but without the high chance of critical hits. It also achieve perfect coverage with the fighting type attack however!
    -Avalanche is arguably one of the strongest unstabbed attacks ursaring has access to since it will always move after the foe which means if it gets hit, avalanche doubles in power. Ice also has great coverage but this move is rather unreliable. Ice punch is a more reliable option for a consistant damage. It goes perfectly with thunder punch... Those two moves are largely outclassed by ursaring's other options.
    -Fire punch rounds off the usable attacking options of ursaring. It is mainly gimmicky for surprise factor but it lacks the brute force of the other attacks or the great coverage they offer.
    -Swords dance is mainly useless because ursaring doesn't have the speed to pull it off safely nor the defenses for taking a hit before it sweeps. Only good under trick room or double screens. Not to mention with guts, ursaring has enough power already to devastate entire teams!
    -Bulk up is another option and for me a better one than swords dance because it buffs up it's subpar defense stat!
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