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Thread: what is your favorite pokemon generation

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    I think generation 2 was the best, and generation 1 the worst.

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    Gen II. It's where my favorite pokemon made its debut. *Points at avatar*
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    generation 2 is my favorite since it was the funnest for me my second most liked generation 1 .
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    although i started with gen 3 and 1 and like them a lot, i would say my fav is gen 5. just the good graphics, new towns and new pokes are awesome !

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    I have a special feeling about the Generation 2 in spite of it was the generation that brought out the less ammount of Pokemons. It is probably because it was the last generation to be original, innovating and linked to generation 1 in the meantime.

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    Gen 3. Creative and colorful Pokemon designs, unique region, balance of story and gameplay, best spin-offs.
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    I love the story of Gen 5
    I loved the evolutions of Gen 4 (clearly!)
    I really like the Pokemon of Gen 3
    I liked the overall vibe of Gen 2
    Gen 1 was the start of it all, even though it lacks what the other 4 have

    I guess you can say I like them all, with probably Gen 5 the most.
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    Gen 3, Fire Red and Leaf Green included.

    Gen 4 for making many of the Pokemon introduced in Gen 2 actually useful (and some from Gen 1 as well). (Gen 3 helped with that a bit with abilities, but Gen 4 gave the physical/special split, evos and some really great moves).

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    My favorite Pokémon game:
    Pokémon Platinum and Pokémon BW2(soon to be X and Y)
    Least favorite Pokémon game:
    Red and Blue......disappointing games. Don't get me wrong the Pokémon are great but the graphics and the sprites of the game just made me completely despise those games.
    I couldn't tell you my relief after playing Fire red and Leaf Green. NORMAL SPRITES AND UPDATED GRAPHICS THANK YOU GF!!!!!!!
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