View Poll Results: Which Nintendo Land game are you looking forward to the most?

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  • Donkey Kongs's Crash Course

    1 3.45%
  • The Legend Of Zelda Battle Quest

    6 20.69%
  • Luigi's Ghost Mansion

    0 0%
  • Mario Chase

    4 13.79%
  • Metroid Blast

    11 37.93%
  • Pikmin Adventure

    3 10.34%
  • Other

    4 13.79%
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Thread: Nintendo Land

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monster Guy View Post
    I like Pikmin adventure the best. It's fun to throw my friend at monsters when I'm playing multi-player. xD
    Pikmin adventure is so much fun! It gets me excited for Pikmin 3. Luigi's Mansion has grown on me. Scaring my sister is the best part!
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    I've been having a ton of fun playing the Zelda attraction solo. I really need to find some friends to try out the multiplayer attractions with though, those look fantastic as well.
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    After having played all the Nintendo Land attractions a lot, my absolute favorite of the bunch is Mario Chase. Had a lot of fun playing it with my brother (as well as one time where my friend and his sister joined in). I'd probably rank the attractions like this:

    1. Mario Chase
    2. Animal Crossing: Sweet Day
    3. Luigi's Ghost Mansion
    4. Metroid Blast
    5. Donkey Kong Crash Course
    6. Pikmin Adventure
    7. The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest
    8. Balloon Trip Breeze
    9. Captain Falcon's Twister Race
    10. Takamaru's Ninja Castle
    11. Yoshi Fruit Cart
    12. Octopus Dance

    Clearly I would have appreciated more multiplayer attractions than single player, but Nintendo Land is still great all-around!
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    I have played and played and played all the attractions for this game, and I would like to post a short "review" of all of them, in no particular order.

    1. The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest: Provides a pretty fair challenge, especially after Ganon. It is very fun to play with your friends, you feel pretty cool as a small "army" hacking, slashing, and shooting your way through every enemy.

    2. Pikmin Adventure: I really like the design of the Bulborbs in this one. It is a fun attraction, but isn't as difficult as the Pikmin games. I suppose this is a good thing, however...

    3. Metroid Blast: This one is a blast (pun completely intended). Seriously, it is such a great time to fight either on foot or in a spacecraft. It controls very fluidly and can be difficult, but is fun no matter what.

    4. Mario Chase: I have one complaint with this attraction: The Yoshi carts are pretty overpowered. It makes the game a bit unenjoyable to be Mario and get caught (very easily) by the Yoshi carts. With a group of more than 2, however, it is very hectic and fun.

    5. Luigi's Ghost Mansion: Very interesting to play Luigi's Mansion from the ghosts' perspective. This minigame has very nice atmosphere, smooth gameplay, and overall is a great time to be had.

    6. Animal Crossing Sweet Days: Probably the only attraction I dislike. If you have 3 or less people, the guards almost always win. If you have more than that, the animals almost always win. It is kind of broken and was not much fun every time I played it. A shame too, since Animal Crossing is a lot of fun.

    7. Yoshi's Fruit Cart: An interesting concept that uses the gamepad very well. My sole complaint is that the game is repetitive and gets stale quickly.

    8. Balloon Trip Breeze: It was a lot of fun watching my friends fail at this. XD Fun game.

    9. Donkey Kong's Crash Course: Definitely the hardest game. But why can I not go straight to area 2 after beating are 1 for the first time? Why must I beat it again? Every time this game has proven a challenge, no matter who I play with. And you know what? I like it.

    10. Takamaru's Ninja Castle: A simple shooter, but I really enjoy its control scheme. Using the GamePad in this way was innovative and fun.

    11. Captain Falcon's Twister Race: Whew. When they said daring, they weren't kidding. However, I did experience some issues when making sharp turns. Sometimes when I would make the sharp turns, the GamePad's calibration would get messed up, and holding the GamePad horizontally made it go straight. Still fun, but this minor issue is a setback, but not a deal breaker.

    12. Octopus Dance: A simple rhythm based game. But where does the octopus take you if you mess up enough times...?
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    My family has been creating tournaments, mainly in Mario Chase and Sweet Day, and they are pretty fun. I'm undefeated so far!
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