Oh, I got lucky! xD

State your name and identity: I'm watericedragon. I have to say I'm a huge shipper who loves anything winter. I love to read, draw(even though I'm not really good at it), and write. I'm usually very busy, but I love to hang out here whenever I can. =)

What are your top five pairings:
1. OldrivalShipping (Blue x Green)
2. SequelShipping (Mei x Hugh)
3. TransceiverShipping (Yancy x Kyouhei)
4. ShockingShipping (Volkner x Elesa)
5. FlaveScentShipping (Trip x Iris)

Non-Pokémon top 5 favorite ships:
1. Gray x Lucy (Fairy Tail)
2. Hinata x Yurippe (Angel Beats)
3. Tsubaki x Daisy (SKET Dance)
4. Himeko x Katou Kiri (SKET Dance)
5. Haruhi x Hikaru (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

What sort of gift would you like to receive the most: I would love anything really, from a fanfic to a fanart to an AMV/graphic. Anything would be great! If it's a fanfic, I like it to be fluffy and/or funny. x3

Anything else you want to say: Just have fun with it and try your best! I appreciate it. =)